What’s a Qualified Franchise Lead?

Qualified franchise leads are potential candidates that are likely to buy a franchise of your brand. It’s not enough that the candidate should be motivated to own a business or an entrepreneur with sufficient capital. He or she should be the right candidate to own a franchise of your brand.

Follow the steps below to generate qualified franchise leads using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

1. Define your ideal buyer personas for your franchise

First and foremost, define ideal franchise buyer personas for your ideal buyer. Define their personal background such as age, and level of education; professional background with the type of industry experience, job title/responsibly, and skills; motivations to own a business; entrepreneurial accomplishments to list a few. List qualities of your most successful franchise owners and model after them. Remember, you must know who you are looking for before you look for them.

2. Enrich & optimize your LinkedIn Profile to attract ideal buyers

Your LinkedIn profile allows you to attract and land your ideal buyers. Content is an essential aspect of attracting buyers. Add quality contents in your profile for your ideal clients. Inform them why they should be interested in your brand and address their concerns, and most frequent questions. Your profile should make it obvious for your potential buyers how they can be successful in buying your brand.

A big portion of LinkedIn franchise lead generation depends on whether you show up on the first page of your ideal buyer’s search results. Optimize your profile using relevant keywords to ensure that you appear on the first page of your buyers’ searches.

It’s not enough to enrich and optimize your profile. You must design a well thoughtful call to action or CTA for effective conversion.

3. Connect with your Ideal Buyers

You must create separate scripts for all buyer personas and send out connection requests to begin building relationships. Scripts must follow the best practices to be effective. Remember these are NOT random connections. These are your ideal buyers – so the scripts must be respectful, purposeful personalized messages to get your buyers’ attention.

4. Build Relationship and trust with your ideal buyers

Following the connection, you must develop a few custom scripts to engage, build rapport and collect additional information about your ideal buyers. Implement a follow-up process engaging them with valuable contents such as tips, advise and answers to their questions. Once you have created a warm relationship, your next step is to build trust with them by engaging them on online activities such as downloading content, attending webinars and advising what’s best for their future.

In summary, 4 steps of generating quality lead using LinkedIn Sales Navigator are:

  • develop ideal buyer personas
  • work on your profile
  • connect with buyers and
  • build trusted relationships.

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