Are you in want of a platform that helps make your sales and marketing more efficient, automate your sales funnel, invite prospects, close deals, upsell, and move your company up the ranks – all with no intent to reinvent the wheel? It’s a white label CRM software platform that can do this customary shin up!

  • White-label platforms are typically designed to either fully or partly systematize your unique sales and marketing ingenuities.

  • Here we talk about 3 distinctive white-label platform functionalities, any or all of which you may be looking for to effectuate a specific solution.

  1. Wholesale white label software
  • In this context, a white label CRM software is an innovative digital marketing product.

  • By and large, it’s developed by a platform provider and it gives you an elbow-room to modify your pricing strategies, rebrand, and resell.

  • The software comes along with two key idiosyncrasies.

    • High scalability

      • With the software in place, there’s no need for in-house or outsourced product development.

      • Its impressive cost-saving feature allows you to promote and peddle instant-on, ready-to-sell products.

      • This gives you a leading edge over your foremost contenders.

    • Invincible ROI model

      • With the integration of a white label CRM software, you can buy products at wholesale prices, refurbish them under your own brand, and finally resell them at your adopted price point.

      • Very few frontrunning white-label platforms charge only when you sell a thing or two. 

      • The question of paying monthly subscriptions or onboarding fees doesn’t arise.

  • Some of the most common white label product types which marketing providers sell to their clients include:

    • Digital advertising

    • Graphic design

    • Listings management

    • Reputation management

    • SEO

    • Social media marketing

    • Websites

  1. White label CRM
  • A white label CRM software contains a comprehensive dashboard that does client or pipeline management.

  • It enables the company which utilizes its benefits to promote it as a brand of their own.

  • Ideally, such a dashboard would be featuring your company’s logo and vital information on its display.

  • The software becomes yours absolutely.

  • These white label dashboards will qualify your salespeople in keeping track of gainful opportunities from likely prospects to clinch.

  • Furthermore, the software lets your sales managers analyze their team’s overall performance and make precise forecasts.

  • You can incorporate AI into your white label CRM software.

  • The main intent is to capitalize on the potency of AI in recognizing and accomplishing engagement opportunities.

  • By doing so, your salespeople would never require to fret and fume about mistimed follow-up calls coupled with ineffectual touchpoints.

  • Through AI consolidation you can integrate compelling features like:

    • Activity tracking

    • Critical notification pop-ups

    • Email-based logging

    • Intuitive contact management

    • KPI dashboard and optimization

    • Probability analytics

  • By means of all these ways, a white label CRM framework is certainly going to bring you closer to your clients – the factor which matters most.

  • And bring to mind; when you showcase your brand across every in-house tool and interface, you’re positioned as a frontrunner among either your internal or external stakeholders.

  1. White label project management
  • It comes to the aid of B2B marketing providers to keep track of their tasks.

  • It also lends them a helping hand by making them stay prepared for clients across the board, each of them having distinct marketing goals and challenges to meet.

  • In fact, a white label CRM software platform is incomplete if it’s bereft of a project manager whose main deliverable is to give assistance to your staff with a technological advantage.

  • They need this edge for managing their complex work schedules and serve your clients with preeminent superiority.

  • In addition, your team may be in want of a task manager who can:

    • Eradicate intricate technicalities from specific tasks such as claiming listings.

    • Startup and bring projects together among different stakeholders and collaborators.

    • Set up a streamlined approval and revision process pertaining to finished tasks.

    • Cleverly manage project timelines, to make sure your staff is not once stuck anywhere wondering what to do next.

    • Reveal proof-of-performance of staff and clients when asked for, gauge and set their successes against a fixed point of reference.

An all-inclusive white label software offering

As a marketing product or service provider, you may need a selection of white label CRM software platform offerings or components more than others. This, of course, depends on your individual needs. There’s a widespread market chockfull with robust solutions which can come to your succor as per your requirements. However, in case, you’re seeking an all-embracing solution that fulfills all your core needs and genuinely makes your clients delighted, you may explore an eclectic suite of products and services up for sale right up your street.

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