Did you ever think through how franchise management software can boost productivity and guarantee long-term business growth? Here we split up 4 features that can increase productivity, sink money into your pocket, and bring in more effectiveness to operations.

1. Eliminate unneeded travel time with Franchise Management Software

Are you having the faintest idea of how much capital outlay is spent every year to tackle travel problems encountered by businesses at large?

According to a report put forward by the Global Business Travel Association Foundation, delays sustained because of travel can result in a loss of 2.3 workdays for an average business. The report adds a deficit of $1,475 because of missed productivity every single year.

Even though a lion’s share of this shortfall comes from huge air travel costs, still, the money and time wasted due to drives hither and thither to franchise locations, job sites, attend client meetings too are substantial.

Imagine the extra level of productivity your employees would’ve secured had there been some means to get rid of undesirable travel time. Herein, happens the advent of field service management software.

Franchise management software allows field reps to arrange job schedules, assess and confirm work completion, send invoices to clients, and make the processing of payments from anywhere.  Franchise staff can get pictures of their complete work uploaded which, in turn, can send automatic alerts to field reps who oftentimes have the ability to gain admittance to online works and get paid via credit card.

Additionally, you save travel time when it comes to attending redundant staff meetings. With topnotch internal messaging framework franchise management software carries out seamless integration of communication channels such as SMS and email so that you help everyone be on top of things without needless trips.

2. It puts a stop to time wasting schedule conflicts

As is evident scheduling is more of a balancing game. With over-scheduling, you incur unusually high labor costs and inferior staff morale. On the contrary, under-scheduling can cause financial stress that takes a toll on staff performance.

Things can go more wrong since schedules always keep changing. Employees ask for swapping of shifts and perform under par at all times besides clients canceling or postponing jobs every now and then. With all these factors adding up lots of complications, it’s obvious to have conflicts in schedules time and again.

Instead of frittering away precious time trying to reach the dynamically moving target of staff scheduling, franchise management software implements automation of the process in its entirety.

With enough transparency brought in, the system relying heavily on team orientation allows managers and employees to make adjustments in schedules and take to creating and/or assigning jobs in real time on an inclusively shared calendar. With the changes put into effect, all impacted parties receive notifications through SMS or email.

What’s more, through automatically generated alerts you’ll be notified about conflicts that need to be attended to. In this manner, franchise management software minimizes loss in productivity and takes way the odds to commit manual errors during scheduling.

3. It makes headway in quick and effective training

The built-in intranet supported by franchise management software is capable of hosting the whole lot of franchise training resources which employees have the right to use all the time to concentrate on regular day-to-day queries and solve them. Moreover, the software helps keep all users connected through an instant messaging service. So employees undergoing training can look for help as and when they need it.

4. It helps eliminate software redundancies working in silos

A number of businesses make use of a trickle of franchise management software tools to manage several actions such as marketing, accounting, reporting, and field service. Even though it can work in spite of the superfluous time and money that entails while purchasing and gaining a comprehension of unconnected programs it infuses plenty of extra work.

Think of a situation where you’d like to transfer the information from Adwords to QuickBooks. With stand-alone software in place, this would involve plenty of typing. Even if you cope by doing a few copy-paste jobs, the time saver doesn’t have immunity to arrest human errors, unlike franchise management software.

Usually, all the modules of the software are fully integrated. This implies things to view in the reports are covered automatically in the accounting software. This will result in lots of time saving. With the extra time on hand, you can get hold of information about leads from your contacts, put dates on your calendar, look up to the intranet database to know about offers and promotional, and direct an email for appointment scheduling.

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