Disruptions due to COVID-19 outbreak are being felt more strongly around the globe. Despite the unparalleled measures and efforts taken by the government, the deadly virus continues to rage across the world, causing deaths and hitting businesses across myriad of verticals. Franchise Management Software can help in better way by managing the business.

Amidst this unprecedented situation, it is the franchise systems that are facing major challenges and interruptions. Given the government shutdown orders and boundaries on social distancing, returning to business as usual will take a long time.

Looking in to these driving uncertainties, faced by franchise systems, BrandWide brings to you COVID-19 assistance program. It is to support emerging franchises use this critical situation into an opportunity.

So, here in this reading, we’ll check out how BrandWide makes an effort to help struggling franchisees during this crippling situation.

BrandWide steps up to support emerging franchises to support COVID-19 response

Some of the challenges franchisee owners encounter during the pandemic

As per the survey conducted in March, almost 75% of the business confronted with troubles in the supply chain due to COVID-19 related transportation limitations. Probably, the figure is going to rise further over the next few weeks. Other interesting figures that emerged from the survey included 50% of the franchises that reported undergoing unforeseen delays in receiving orders. Have a quick look at the specific areas of difficulties faced by franchise owners:

  • Supply chain issues that may lead to a shortage of branded goods and critical stocks
  • Range of employment-related concerns both for their staffs and those faced by their franchisees
  • If it is justifiable to impose new health, hygiene or sanitation measures on the franchises
  • Whether sales and marketing activities will need to be amended if all the promotional events are cancelled or postponed

Critical measures to support Franchisee

BrandWide declared to offer a free subscription to franchise management software for 12 months.  Franchise owners who are going through a financial turmoil and those who do not already have BrandWide Franchise management subscription, their installation fees will be waived.

Under this assistance program, we strive to provide better support for franchises in terms of remote working facilities and improved sales performance even during these times. To mitigate all the unexpected challenges faced by the suffering franchise owners, we are offering a range of franchise CRM features to help to succeed in your business amidst this challenging period.

Our assistance program is concerned with a range of features that you can immediately put in to use includes:

  • Franchise software to reduce the adverse impact on business, irrespective of the size and system of your business.
  • CRM for the franchise to help you plan for uncertain events and ensure you have an effective strategy to come out of it.
  • Franchise marketing platform to create pre-launched campaigns within a minute while ensuring workflow approvals.
  • A customized CRM software to help in managing the cash flow and invoice resources available in franchisee system.

Let’s take a further look at how franchise management software can help you overcome the waves of challenges.

Complete Human Resource Management without multitasking

Operating a successful franchise indicates that you’re juggling through a lot of tasks at once. Also, you need to continue looking for new recruitment and onboarding opportunities. Once you get them on board, you need to ensure they’ve got proper training. Also, they need to have up to date courses to develop a different kind of knowledge. All these hectic tasks will become easy for you once you start using the franchise management system. Our system helps you do all of that. You can train them effortlessly and track their performance as they work through various training activities you’ve assigned them.

That’s just one of the features our customised franchise CRM software allows you to seamlessly integrate all your communication with your team, franchisees, customers including emails, documents or performance reports. All of this linked through the cloud, which means you can access it any time from any location. You can keep travelling with your business, without any worries.

Chop out the paper work from your business life

If you’re still running your franchise without a CRM franchise, you certainly don’t know how much time you’ve wasted manually doing the paperwork. One of the foremost features that come with franchise CRM is the automation of all your records, back-office info, bookkeeping information, sales update and many more. All of which enables you to automate time taking tasks in just a few minutes and let you enhance intra franchise transparency through easy sharing of documents and data.

Keep on generating more leads using franchise software

For a franchise owner, adopting a franchisee CRM is one of the finest ways to increase your lead generation, without deviating you from attracting existing customers.

Firstly, our franchise marketing software organises all the information that you need to keep for your local and highly relevant advertising efforts while keeping critical marketing analytics at your fingertips. You also get user access to user-friendly reports that highlights the demographics most suited for your business.

Once you’ve chosen your potential audience, BrandWide franchise CRM helps you to create email and send marketing messages through an intuitive interface that can be accessed from any device. Having done all the hard works, we leave you to focus on creating the best promotional message and let you run ahead of your competitors.

All in one solution to aid franchise performance

BrandWide franchise management software streamlines all your follow up task, so you can just keep focusing on your lead conversion activities. Our customised templates for email campaigns leave you with no additional work to do. Also, franchise CRM enables you to keep detailed records of your prospects that can be accessed at any time. So, you can make each of your prospects feel valued and pick up the flow right where you’ve ended off.

In a nutshell, by simplifying complicate tasks and automating all the processes as much as possible franchise CRM will save you from mental stress that you invest for the daily chores. Indeed, features that you’ll get from implementing our franchise management software is limitless, starting from customer management to marketing efforts.

So, if you’re a franchise owner looking to being rescued from the challenges of COVID-19 pandemic, it’s high time for you to consider franchise software. Apply free, for 12 months BrandWide subscription to uplift productivity, performance and sales.

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