Have you ever thought, why do some franchisee businesses thrive while others end up with a ‘closed’ sign on the door?

As marketing evolves, your small business marketing strategies should change too. Marketing is an important aspect of every franchise business. As a franchise owner, you probably have a business marketing strategy, but you need to constantly keep yourself updated with the new strategies to thrive in the market. If you’ve done that yet, we’ve you covered!

To give you some actionable tips on how you can improve your business using franchise marketing software, here are five hacks that will certainly help you to grow your franchise business.

Tips to improve your franchise marketing efforts

If your franchise marketing strategies never change, they may go stale. While your competitors find smarter ways to promote their services, your customers will get bored with you. Surely, you do not want that to happen!

To prevent that from happening, you must consider using franchise marketing software to stay updated with the latest marketing trends and stay in tune with your potential customers.

While a basic marketing strategy may work, some things can only be done using franchise software.

Find out how to improve your business:

Automated email marketing to heat up your leads

Brandwide - franchise marketing software

Brandwide – franchise marketing software

Research shows that welcoming emails send to your customers are highly effective, not just for the development of franchise but also for the franchise sales. Almost 320% more revenue is contributed to them on a per email basis than other marketing emails. But getting those emails out can be a little tacky. Of course, you don’t need to do it manually every time. Templates work well, but taking a moment to send bulk emails whenever new leads enter your system can save some hours from your work.

A franchise marketing software allows earning all the benefits without doing any of the hard work. It can easily set up a welcome message and automatically send it to your new leads whenever they’re on board. By doing so, you can save time and utilize it to respond to more important leads, other than battling to warm up cold leads with manual welcome emails.

Strong website presence to impress your customers

Brandwide - franchise marketing software

Brandwide – franchise marketing software

When franchise marketing is orchestrated properly, there is a strong website presence, through which your business can earn lucrative benefits in terms of:

  • Increased generation of leads
  • The shift in the perceptions of the audience
  • Creating a long-standing impression on your website
  • Generate social media hype and an opportunity to user-generated content

So, the very first step to purposeful franchise marketing is to ensure you have franchise marketing software that aids in building striking landing pages for personas and segments. This would help you to drive people to visit your brand through advertisements and email texts.

Get more team members on board

Brandwide - franchise marketing software

Brandwide – franchise marketing software

Sometimes the main challenge with franchise marketing is adherence to work. As a franchise owner, you spend long hours working with the consultants, and market researchers to establish successful multi-level strategies but all of this goes in vain if you don’t connect with your entire marketing team on board.

So, how do you make that work? By using BrandWide’s franchise marketing software! Leveraging on the franchise marketing system you can easily upload your franchise marketing strategy so that franchisees can learn about the best practices. Moreover, franchisors can develop their own virtual franchisee training session and allocate them to the franchisee. The software captures all the details about the training session automatically. Thus, allowing you stay connected with all your team members in a single unified platform.

Traveling time made productively

Brandwide - franchise marketing software

Brandwide – franchise marketing software

You often find yourself stuck in the traffic, thinking of the productive hours you’ve wasted.

BrandWide’s franchise marketing software is 100% user friendly, which means you can use it anywhere and anytime. A franchise marketing system can easily integrate with other applications such as CRM to make your marketing efforts easy. The blending helps to optimize the entire operations, thus making it easier for you to respond to your leads while you’re traveling. You don’t need to worry about missed schedules and appointment with your leads anymore, because all will be automatically handled by your franchise software at your ease.

Besides, providing you with a top-notch marketing management system, the software allows you to:

  • Develop complete access to lead management features such as calendars, brokers, and reports in your franchise
  • Manage your existing customers and build relationships using a streamlined system of communication that preserves the correspondence records for future reference
  • Enables screening of your entire franchise growth and find the areas of improvement using dashboard analysis and dynamic reports
  • Handle the ground level activities, by interacting with your marketing employees, schedule important tasks, events, generating payroll, processing invoices, and much more.

Level up your franchisee sales marketing activities

Brandwide - franchise marketing software

Brandwide – franchise marketing software

For maintaining the alignment between new franchisee chains and for improving your firm’s prospects, you need to initiate optimized marketing campaigns for managing your leads. And this can be done using franchise marketing software that will help to synchronize marketing data with franchise sales CRM while administering leads through the call to action feature. At the same time, the software will also help you to keep track of budget references for your potential leads. By doing so, you can easily compare the invested funds spent out for each reference in bringing these leads and boost your sales marketing efforts tactfully.

Summing up

The five franchise marketing hacks mentioned above will surely help your potential customers to become fonder of your services and help you to empower your branding. A franchise marketing software is nothing less than a blessing, not only does it help to capture the right leads but also helps you to find sales-ready leads to grow your revenue.

If you’ve understood the ways franchise software can help your business, don’t hesitate to contact us on www.meetbrandwide.com and get your job done. We would love to help you anytime!

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