Is your workplace being a very busy one, bringing up one issue after another and cranky over missing or flawed information, with incomplete follow-ups, and things breaking through the cracks? Then use franchise operations software for getting better results.

Then, it is time to get organized! Seemingly, the efficiency of your business is failing to live up to your expectations.

Practically, it is not always possible to manage a complete franchise business without proper franchise software. The right thing to do at this moment is to get a standard franchise operations software, that has all the features of traditional retail management needs, as well as tools to manage multi-site onboarding, analytics, training, and much more.

Why franchise operations software is important for your business?

BrandWide’s franchise software offers marketing solutions, lead generation facilities, and more for your single unit as well as a multi-unit franchisee.

While there is enough franchise operation software that is used in the market, this post is going to talk about BrandWide.

Indeed, they all have many similar features such as:

  • Activity tracking
  • Follow up
  • Templates
  • Appointment/ scheduler
  • & Much more

But few differentiators make BrandWide ahead of others.

That said, here are five main reasons why you should have franchise operations software for your business.

A well-aligned Brand to sort your needs

franchise operations software

Without a centrally integrated way of communication and organizing your business guidelines on how to apply them, franchisees will never realize when they go off the brand. From sending messages to tracking analytics across franchisees, the franchisee can get a little dizzy without your guidance. A lack of consistency can harm your brand experience, which you’ve worked hard to build. Since your brand is the core of your franchise profit, you need to ensure that you protect it using a franchise operations software.

Inventory levels and supply chain sequences

franchise operations software

It’s every franchisor’s worst nightmare; you placed an order, the manufactures confirmed the order. The distributor is ready to go. Your warehouse is also prepared. But then there’s a blowout!

At the last moment, there’s a fault found in the batch, the delay will be at least a week or more. Well, this is just one instance, problems like this are common in a franchise business. These issues often result in loss of revenue, frustrating paperwork, and significant damage to your brand. One of the easiest ways to enhance your inventory and supply chain dealings is by utilizing franchise operations software, which provides an appropriate overview of your inventory at all levels of the supply chain.

Feature-rich software like BrandWide will enable you to track the massive amounts of data under one single platform so that you can monitor crucial activities such as forecasting, manage onboarding activities, and tracking seasonal trends so that you can neglect shortage and make most from the demands.

Time to Lift up your sales

franchise operations software

When you see the franchise business today, it’s hard to recall that the typical franchise chains started ringing their sales on manual cash registers. They also calculated the inventory numbers using their hand. And franchise owners counted on their guesswork to figure out customer demands and trends.

Can you imagine to have run your business-like older days? Absolutely no, especially when technology is baked into nearly every part of your franchise operation, helping you to track the latest trends, train your staff, and helping you to make more sales.

BrandWide’s franchise operations software enables customer loyalty using sales promotion tools that make it easy for you to drive more customers to units. For franchise owners who are looking to establish their brand, our lead management features will keep new leads waiting at your doorstep and prospects moving through your sales cycle throughout the year.

Say goodbye to unnecessary work that keeps you busy

franchise operations software

You already know that the current global environment is rough for all businesses, including the franchise industry. The COVID-19 is drowning the world’s economy into recession. We understand that the business owners all across the globe are anxious. Right now, No matter what situation you’re in, whether you’re working remotely or running a physical store, administrative lay-offs will always be there, starting from monotonous data entry tasks to manual reporting.

But with BrandWide’s franchise operations software, you can easily fight against the unnecessary work that frustrates every business owner. Make your business a multi integrated software platform, that helps you to get automated reports, auto-generated email campaigns to deal with prospects, and help you to manage your entire franchise operation with complete visibility.

An incredible tool to improve your customer service

franchise operations software

When you are streamlining all your communication, you’re literally transmitting all your power of the moment to your marketing team, management department, and mostly to your customers. Besides that, using franchise operations software, your email management tasks simply become the easiest. With the right CRM integrated tool, account management, invoice, and project management features, you just put the message and timing in the power of your team and customer.

And that, of course, gives you ultimate power over-improving your customer service at your fingertips. Examples of automated customer service include:

  • Welcome emails for your new customers
  • Educational or tutorials drip campaigns for customers
  • Reminders for unpaid invoices
  • Task due schedule and calendar for staffs
  • An overview of leads converted by franchise units
  • A complete summary of marketing email open and click-through rate
  • One clicks task scheduling
  • Automatic documentation for all customer communication
  • Detailed insights on customer activities

All of these features combine to provide you with an improved customer service, which indicates closing more sales, referrals, and positive recommendations of your brand.

Final thoughts

Maintaining complete control over your brand whilst allowing franchisee self-sufficiency is a challenging task to master. With your software in place of your franchise workflow, your business is sure to move in multiple streams. You can address all the holdups in your franchisee activities at different inventory levels. Thus, continuing to find new ways to improve further.

The key benefit of using a franchise operations software at this point is where your team and your customers get all their job done at their fingertips, regardless of where and what time it is.

Perhaps this is a boon for you. It moves your business process to non-linear flow where everything is well organized, manageable, and easily tracked as well as your customers feel more engaged to you.

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