Covid-19 has disrupted franchising industry like no other business in the growing industry. Almost every size of the business in every sector had to face operational problems including safety, compliance, customer retention and driving performance. But with so many changes on the day to day activities and with the rapid digitization of technology, the business must be able to offer the latest Franchise management Solution and business methods available. A once you accept that using technology makes running your franchise business easier and efficient, there’s no coming back.

But before you get started with the technology of your choice, you need to find a solution that does all the work that you need to do. But with all the range of the options out there, how do you choose the platform that’s the right fit for you? You surely, don’t want to spend your crucial time on a software solution that meets half of your need. Consider the right franchise management solution and solve all your needs at hand.

Here we’ve created a checklist on the best features and franchise tools that you need for the right fit franchise management solution.

  1. Online 24*7 support

One of the basic functionalities of a franchise solution is its availability to offer 24*7 support. Even your customers and franchisees want a solution that is accessible whenever needed. Nobody would want a solution to get slow or stopped when your sales executives are dealing with leads or while the staff is uploading some important data. A franchise software must have an intuitive support system to ensure franchisees and staffs can work in collaboration with each. The online 24*7 support system also offers direct and indirect training for the franchise processes while helping them to perform faster and better.

  1. Customized features and tools

A franchise portal is an important way for the business to allow their users to log into their dedicated internal system so that they can access valuable data whenever they want. Franchisors, franchisees and leads can have their login access to a customized portal to view edit and check out needful.

  1. Multiple integrations

Although, most of the franchisors are now concerned with franchise development, but have you ever asked yourself what happens once you reward a franchise? Have you ever thought whether your existing solution helps to integrate with the next stage of your franchise cycle or not? Are you able to effortlessly transfer information from the franchise sales to onboarding areas? If you cannot do all of this with your software, then probably need a franchise management solution that integrates with the rest of your tools and optimize your entire franchise process. Integration must also include synchronization with tools and data outside your CRM.

  1. Workflow Automation

Workflows are an essential part of your lead management solution. Thus, designing and applying workflows will help a franchisor to craft franchise system according to your particular needs and determine the activities that take place, all are addressed to enhance lead conversion. At the same time, a franchise management solution must help in automating redundant or low worth tasks to create most efficiency and enable your sales team to spend more time on high-value work, such as understanding customers motivation and moving towards a rewarding process.

  1. Multi-platform utilization

As a franchisor, you’re going to require a multi-platform management system, which is ideally a part of your franchise CRM software platform, built especially for franchise operations and to track all the activities taking place within a franchise system. Without continuous advancement in technology, it’s unlikely that users will only access the needful from just a computer device. The software must be able to work on any modern platform, including smartphone, tables and another compatible device. It must have the ability to adjust to your different needs.

  1. Cloud centered platform

As a franchisor, you would surely not want to lose your data. With all the paperwork and folder within a large franchise business, it’s easy for significant data and records to get misplaced. Needless to say, the time it takes for a cloud-based franchise solution to browse through files to find information be it led conversion record, or franchise fee, is incomparable to other software solution. Using a cloud-based solution that allows gathering, stores and saves information, data at a centralized location, franchisees can easily access or use data anytime from any location.

  1. User friendly and Intuitive

One of the most essential must-haves of a franchise management solution is its intuitiveness and user-friendliness. There’s no point in using a franchise software that you can’t use properly. Of course, not everyone has the technical knowledge, that is why your franchise management solution needs to be easy to use and understandable.

  1. Generate fast reports

Gone are those days, when retrieving a decent report that involved organizing data manually and using your mind calculations to convert your representations into challenging numbers. Application software now can automatically generate graphic-rich reports on any entered data, such as sales report, lead generation report, franchise onboarding reports and more.

  1. Easily customizable

Are you still stuck with multiple spreadsheets, emails, shared drive and rattling to get out of daily paperwork? Franchise management solution is built to offer you a comprehensive solution for the entire franchise cycle. You have the option to easily customize it according to your needs. So, every tool in the software must have the ability to find the solution tailored to meet your business goals.

  1. Increased sales

From the minimum cost of implementing the robust software to the automation of most of your tasks, there are a range of other factors that helps to increase the return on investment and sales, if you start using a franchise software. When all of the features are packaged together, everything mentioned about in here will ensure significant growth in sales.

Concluding lines

Hopefully, you found all the information given in this article useful and interesting. Growing an emerging franchise business is not at all an easy thing, but the entire franchise process becomes much easier if you have the right franchise management solution. Give this above ten must-have a try before choosing the best franchise software for your business.

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