Are you looking for the best franchise CRM software? Then hop on to the guidelines on how to use it and learn how it helps your business in the long run. 

A CRM solution was originally designed to support businesses to establish and manage the relationship with upcoming and present consumers. Thus, CRM solution emerged from a simplified contact organised solution to a comprehensive system that allows businesses to organise leads, promotions, purchase transaction, accounting, and other operational areas from an easily accessible platform. 

From an emerging standpoint, a franchise CRM software helps you to find the right prospects, lets you follow up with your leads and foster them throughout the pipeline. At the same time, franchise management solution is also utilised to manage consumer trust ability by retaining key details and to increase sales. For example, it helps to customise the experience and offer unmatched customer support. 

If you are still not convinced if choosing the right CRM software can help your business, here’s our guidance on the way to pick the best franchise CRM software for your franchise business. 

What features you should look for in a franchise CRM system? 

Don’t have the budget to buy a franchise software? Or maybe you’re not certain enough that franchise CRM software is the accurate solution for your emerging franchise platform. You’re curious to experience what are the features it provides. Numerous software providers provide an unrestricted demo of their software, or you may choose to read through the below-mentioned features before deciding to buy one: 

 A franchise CRM doesn’t just keep your workflows managed and automated, it proposes a heavy range of tool to help your franchise in skyrocketing revenue and implement more operative advertising campaigns, thus allowing the franchisor to have complete visibility over the business. 

Lead tracking and sales

You find and track new consumers by automatically retaining leads from various sources such as social platform, emails, website traffics, newsletter sign up and more. you have the option to following up with your prospects automatically, with scheduled emails option and work or communicate with them straight. A franchise CRM can help to breed leads through the sales funnel, starting from lead nurturing to the closing of the deal. Moreover, there is CRM software that enables franchisors to store sales quotes and track invoices, royalty fees and more. 

Email campaign and marketing

Although there are several forms of internet marketing your franchise business can make use of. But this may come as a surprise to you that one of the most efficient ways to win over marketing is an email campaign. An email campaign is 40 times more useful than social media campaigns in terms of generating a conversion. Of the users that receive emails, 95% admits that email marketing is useful and 70% of opens up the emails. 

So, if you’re franchise is still not using emails to stay in touch with your customers, you’re missing out sales and revenue. However, using franchise CRM should help you send automated email campaigns, text messages, and helps you with lightweight project management needs. So, even it must help to track the latest trends and sales forecasting updates. 

Reports and dashboards

A franchise CRM is not just to run online marketing and email campaign, you need to be able to track what your leads are doing so, that you could determine what’s working and what not! A franchise CRM software makes it quick and easy for franchisors to track and easily report on their digital marketing progress and identify the areas that required rectification. So, using a franchise CRM solution you can keep your online marketing campaigns on track and boost up your website presence of your franchise business. Be it a pet, cleaning, retail or service-based franchise, your marketing reporting process will be a breeze with a franchise CRM solution and you’ll have more time to concentrate in your business. 

Automated workflows and approval

Are you still stuck with manual reporting and entering your sales and other data? Then you’re simply wasting your valuable time. It’s time to say goodbye to manually entering your data and reporting in your spreadsheets. Because a franchise CRM software enables you to pull all the numbers in real-time and takes the best care of your data visibility. Project management, workflow management, inventory management is an essential part of any franchise CRM. Most of the high-quality franchise CRM has built-in workflow feature and checkmark option that helps to manage the tasks and organisation of all the work. So, if you are looking for a specific workflow system or automated approval process, make sure it is achieved with the franchise CRM you choose. 

Call support system 

franchise CRM software must be able to provide you with an excellent customer support system. Because no one wants to wait over the phone for hours waiting to be connected to the other person in line. No matter what your subscription plan, your franchise CRM must be able to provide your own product expert for managing to onboard and understanding your set up. Your chosen vendor must offer you demo calls, unlimited email and video support to help you scale your franchise business. 

Concluding Lines

There are many different types of franchise CRM available in the market, but not all may be worthy of your business needs. So, before you finally decide to buy the one, make sure you choose the right one that can make things work for your business. Alternatively, you may choose to reach out to us for better help at

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