In an age when AI and digital technology and advanced consumer solutions are becoming usual, it’s important for growing your franchise to fit in your CRM solution. The most important role of a franchise CRM software is managing leads that may get translated into significant clients. Hence the feature that franchise managers must seek for in a CRM is native apps that enable management and notification from a smart device and handheld devices, gives you the ease of transporting leads from multiple sources, gets integrated with social media platform and more. 

The most significant thing to keep in your mind is the ultimate result that your franchise operation needs the capability to provide actionable insights from the data gathered by CRM. So, now you know what are the best rewards that franchise CRM solution provides? 

But it depends on a variety of factors including the type of business you are working in, the products and service your franchise deals in, nature and size your customer base is and more. Let’s take a closer look at some potential franchise CRM solution that would work best for you:

A potential franchise CRM solution that you need 

Empowering your brand with an intranet and resource network

To grow your franchise, you need to be capable of proving the value of your brand to new emerging franchisees. Otherwise, why should franchise managers join your business? But if you’re not ready to assist them or your business objectives, all is going to become useless. A franchise software allows you to strengthen your pitch to new leads by demonstrating that you have efficient, consistent and well-drafted solutions in place. The consistent solution helps you to establish an empowering brand that acts as a guiding solution towards franchise success. 

Franchise operating software helps you to consolidate your brand and processes with the help of a secure intranet containing an information base and cooperative platform for communicative discussions. At the same time, you’ll be able to show that you have the proper system in place to assist franchise success. 

Supporting your brand with a CRM solution 

Once you have consolidated your business and important processes it’s time to concentrate on the brand establishment to expand your franchise. The right franchise CRM solutions help to organise your business growth process, so that you can efficiently track your franchise units leads, sales funnel, sales scripts and other essential needs that are required to end deals. When you close more deals, you gather more royalties. Along with it, your franchise evolves and so does you end line. Moreover, franchise CRM solution helps you to onboard new recruited franchisees with better prospecting and sales development tools including web-based CRM, calling interface for your franchise development reps and a lead generation portal to manage your deal documentation. 

Creating an efficient system with automating processes and mobile tools

The rightly selected franchise CRM software allows you to develop your business through a revenue improving efficiency for your field service agents. If you can grow your efficiency of the site visits, field service agents can do more important business. By automating your scheduling, and other customer service works, field service agents can spend less time on work and complete other jobs every day. And by using mobile device tools, your team can easily manage a business in the field while allowing them to reduce redundant errors, high cost concerned with manual work. This inefficiency helps to enhance customer service and helps to drive more business. 

franchise CRM software helps to implement best practices across the entire franchise brand while creating effective practices at every end of the franchise’s daily operation. You can use optimization tools to reduce your drive time and increase availability. Added on mobile integrated tools to fast track your business is the additional benefit you get from using the software. 

Streamlining your business operations

As a franchisor, you’re accountable for managing multiple locations on a nationwide scale. It may be difficult to find software that can efficiently organise a high-volume business model. A franchise CRM solution helps to manage these problems with a comprehensive franchise CRM automated platform. To serve a strong foundation for every franchisee and multi-location franchise, the software offers four core areas: 

Customer relationship management establishing a strong brand begins with effective communication. A franchise software makes this task easy with automated email, phone and text messaging irrespective of organisation size. You can easily customise your fields of communication thus allowing you to stay consistent in every location your franchise present in. 

  • Management of product

As a franchisor, creating a managed system for your franchise owners is made easy with franchise CRM. Starting from management of inventory to simplified management of project everything becomes easily customisable and you can assure that every location is running smoothly. 

  • Reputation management

Strong and consistent brand popularity is like a victorious accomplishment of a successful franchise. Using a franchise CRM, you can effortlessly review, follow up and build up strong customer relationship using tools that help you to establish a strong brand image and allows your franchise to grow. 

  • Organising and reporting

Within a multi located business, you either be broken or made. By using a franchise CRM solution, you get rid of manual paperwork and the stress of managing multiple redundant works. You get a simplified dashboard where you can track all reporting needs, including sales and other marketing metrics. 

Final words

If you’re looking to make changes now to help your franchise evolve from your struggling time to emerge stronger than before. BrandWide’s franchise software will help you build new efficiencies with franchise automation tools. For more information don’t hesitate to request a demo. 

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