As a franchisor, there a chance that you might run into trouble with your marketing activities specifically, your digital marketing activities. Indeed, it’s not an unusual challenge to efficiently strategies a franchise marketing software.

But why is that?

That’s because you’ve not only got your franchise marketing to deal with at the corporate level, you also have your own local problems, objectives and marketing goals to be accomplished.

Fortunately, we’ve brough you franchise marketing software from BrandWide. We’ve helped number of emerging franchisors to explore the waters of franchise marketing, we’ve helped them to achieve unmatched results as well.

So, here is in this article we will explore some challenging marketing obstacles faced by franchisor and a solution to overcome these challenges, provided with winning strategies to enhance your online presence.

Ensure brand standardization

franchise marketing software

When it comes to franchise marketing, everything revolves around telling a story to your customers narrating your brand identity and empower engagement. But to enhance this branding efforts, you need to create a consistent experience at every customer touchpoint irrespective of multiple locations. The lack of brand quality in local markets is one of the main challenges for franchises. However, franchisees seem to want to do stuff their way, and they often move out of the marketing boundaries to try something fresh and unique.

Solution for franchisors: Although there should always be space for creativity and development, only the team at the headquarters should push this. Focus on creating a detailed brand book that can be easily followed by and branch and you will have maintained brand continuity and provided the tools your franchisees need to develop outstanding marketing strategies. This can be done using franchise marketing software

Use proper onsite content

franchise marketing software

You think your franchisees have endless amount of content? Most of the franchise managers will be answering Yes!

If you think that you have a plenty of content, you will be outranked by another smaller organization. lack of content can be a major part of franchise not being ranking well organically.

Solution for the franchisors: Focus on origin phrases specific to each local market and generate article headlines that are relevant to the local demographic, among many others, to help the franchise create amazing content. This can also be done using franchise marketing software.

Marketing channels for franchise

franchise marketing software

One of the most effective instruments every marketer and franchisor should have in their arsenal is a word-of-mouth marketing. It is a fool proof way of raising brand awareness and appreciation and, most importantly, building a trustworthy partnership with the customer market to promote and empower consumers to spread the word about the brand. And you should already know that to make a purchase, the modern-day customer needs to trust you.

Tip for franchisors: A prospective franchisees investigating on how to select a franchise will base their final decision on a variety of considerations, the most important of which will be honest testimonials from consumers and franchise employees. Rest assured that prospective clients and franchisees will look for your employees in the look of real feedback about the company, so make sure they are happy in every way possible with their workplace environment. 

Franchise email marketing

franchise marketing software

A franchisors biggest challenge is to stay locally active and ensuring consistency with the communication. Franchisees may have their email newsletter, and marketing that vary from each other. But it becomes difficult to stay relevant across all chains at once.

Here’s how to make your plan for email marketing even better:

  • Each division has a unique chance to design its email strategy.

  • To generate email content that is important to their demographic, the franchisees can use local market insights.

  • Every branch can customize its email campaigns to cater to local tastes and support the local culture by using relevant data from social media.

Tip for franchisors: We would suggest adopting a franchise marketing software that helps to develop different customized email newsletter templates for evert location and keeping the style consistent. By doing so, you can effortlessly send out a franchise wide email campaigns making sure the content is relevant to every franchise location.

Strengthen position on social media

franchise marketing software

Is social media essential for franchisees? Certainly, it is! Social media is only way for franchise to empower their business globally. Facing trouble with social media can result in inconsistency of brand and communication also lead to SEO nightmare that comes from having outnumbered profiles handled by many.

Solution to franchisors: Social networking is more significantly a key to many local markets for a franchise, a way to explore and appreciate the subtle differences that make a market special and push local trends. A well-developed franchise marketing software enables that social media location page feature that provides franchisors with an explicit direction on branding and communication.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, it can be said that franchise marketing software can help a franchise develop winning goals. If you are not sure which one to choose, reach out to us and try out the demo today. 

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