If you were wondering how to franchise software can boost your training and on-boarding activities. This article is for you! Here in this article, we’ll break down the features franchise software that puts the penny in your pocket and adds value to your labor. 

In a franchise landscape, on-boarding and training new staff may feel challenging and a lot more costly. But the ultimate goal is to transform new employees into all-powerful leaders without hampering the franchise environment.

Here we will discuss 5 significant ways to lower franchisee on-boarding and training costs using franchise software: 

Ease down paperwork and Royalty activities with franchise on-boarding solution

Franchisors who are struggling to manage their paperwork and royalty structure can set their activities easily from the list of franchisees. So, whether you want to use percentage, fixed amounts, or Mimulus sales, our software modules help to instantly transport information to reports, reducing the data entry tasks. At the same time, it reduces the risk of human error. Now, you can store all your paperwork and on-boarding data in your dashboard and instantly share it through SMS or email, also you may quickly update it, in case of a change in company policy. 

Helps to automate time-consuming on-boarding tasks

A robust franchise management software makes it extremely easy for you to manage the on-boarding activities. It also helps to streamline the training of both new employees and existing ones with consistent education. For instance, you can instantly upload the training courses to a private, secure cloud server that can only be accessed by franchise personnel from any device. By doing so, your franchisees can always have hands-on access to training material 24/7. This reduces the need for an intensive instruction session or on-boarding, as everything becomes instantly available to you with such a powerful franchise tool. 

Franchise software

Franchise Software

In addition to the intranet servers, franchise software enables you to create customized on-boarding courses, tutorials, quizzes, and dynamic training modules. You can assign the modules instantly to the on-boarded franchisees from your smart device. 

Once the training is completed, franchise software produces a complete report of the training straight from the LMS module. These reports contain important details related to training, highlighting the time duration franchisees spent on each module. You can use this data to determine the loopholes in training.

Saving Money as well as Time with an LMS

You are already aware that the traditional method of classroom training takes much amount of time. And being a franchisor, you know that time is money. Every franchisor who spends time traveling to train their employees is simply wasting their valuable time from work. This has a poor impact on your franchise productivity. 

The solution to this is an online LMS, which offers franchise training courses. A study says if you start using the eLearning system for your franchise training you can reduce your training time by 35%. Online training through LMS saves time since employees get to learn at their convenience, other than learning with a large group. 

Reducing your costs of training and on-boarding logistics

Have you ever wondered, what if you could lower or eliminate the traveling and cost of facilitation concerned to training workshop? Even better, if you had an automated reporting system accessible on your demand. This isn’t impossible!

Because BrandWide’s franchise management software incorporates a comprehensive on-boarding and LMS software that makes your training and on-boarding approach easy. It helps to cut down your extra work, and deliver an online tutorial course for franchise agents and franchisees, without any need of logistic cost for online training. 

Get rid of time-taking scheduling tasks

As you know that scheduling and creating on-boarding tasks and appointments is a bit of a balancing act. At the same time, training-oriented scheduling gives you hectic labour costs and poor employee morale. While under scheduling of tasks results in financial conflicts that disrupt employee performance. 

To make things more challenging, schedules always keep changing and the employee gets sick all the time, customers cancel or delay the task. With so many complicated factors, it not surprising that schedule miscommunication can occur at any time. Hence, other than spending valuable time trying to hit the target through employee scheduling or task scheduling. Our franchise software makes it all easy for you through automation of processes. 

Our robust, team-oriented solution allows franchisors and staff to adjust schedules according to their needs. They also can create or assign tickets on a shared hub or calendar. Once it is updated, all the involved parties are notified through mail or SMS. 

Additionally, you will be automatically notified of any changes or miscommunication that need to be addressed. On a whole, franchise software reduces loss of productivity and reduces redundant errors when it comes to scheduling. 

Franchise Software

Get on-boarded easily

So, now that you have seen that employee on-boarding and training is no more a challenging task with franchise software. Rather, it helps you to enhance on-boarding efficiency and reduce costs, also offers many unique opportunities over training methods of on-boarding. 

If you’re seeking a comprehensive, web-based, cloud eLearning and on-boarding solution under one platform, don’t look any further than BrandWide franchise management software.

With more than a decade of providing consistent success to thousands of customers, our software has accomplished the need of many industries. Our FMS is known for its ease of use, incredible customer support, and intuitiveness in terms of reporting and online training support. 

For more information don’t hesitate to request a demo and get your onboarding done today!

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