In recent times, with the advent of pioneering technologies and the rapid growth of ultra-modern gadgets and applications, the cleaning business industry has also undergone a major overhaul. Even though it isn’t easy to select the right cleaning business software here are ways how the software can make an impressive difference to your cleaning business.

  1. It helps in saving time

As the owner of a cleaning business, it’s normal to do multiple tasks at work. It’s common to see a business owner as an accountant, marketing manager, customer support associate, etc. In case you’ve newly ventured into the business, important duties and responsibilities are lying on your shoulders. Cleaning business software comes to your succor while you try focusing on key business areas.

Cleaning Business Software

Cleaning Business Software

The attraction of cleaning business software is demonstrated by the fact that it’s capable of quickly giving insights in connection with your business. Easily, you can put the following vital things into priority.

  • Supply levels

  • Cleaning schedules

  • Previous bookings

  • Reported and escalated problems

Instead of daily checking these things, you can get further ahead of your schedule and do the planning for each of the tasks accordingly.

Moreover, there are a few applications that authorize you to monitor the performance of cleaners from a remote location. There are some items of software that come tied up with management and accounting features. Besides, every data is preserved in a secure and accessible location.

  1. It helps in facilitating better communication

As far as scaling your cleaning business is concerned setting up improved communication is paramount. But, when it comes to communication it’s not confined to only customer service. You can communicate the right information to the previous clients through regular updates of your social media accounts. You can request them to provide feedback on your services – something that’s important to appeal to potential customers. In a nutshell, you can:

  • Contact past clients

  • Bring your website up to speed

  • Explore new opportunities

Your primary objective is to create rapport with your existing customers. But developing a long-standing relationship takes time. Yet, with cleaning business software in place, you can initiate and sustain streamlined communication with your customers with absolute ease of use.

The software can execute the following tasks for you.

  • Filter out and sort messages based on importance

  • Create personalized criteria based on urgent needs

Take backups of phone calls, text messages, emails, along with the communication content

  1. It aids in employee retention

One more advantage of using cleaning business software is that it lends you a helping hand to retain your employees. It’s well-established fact retaining employees can be a challenging task. Any business with a high attrition rate will require more workers to be recruited for continuing the operations. Nowadays, people may not be very keen on doing cleaning jobs. This adds more difficulties to the hiring process. Therefore, it’s for your own good to keep the employees happy and satisfied.

There are a few cleaning business software that can help improve employee retention rates based on the application. The software supports:

  • Programs aimed at soliciting feedback from employees

  • Apps for improving employee working conditions

  • Automatic scheduling to make certain fair roster arrangement

You may well install software that puts more focus on project management for making the generation of an organized timetable possible. In general, employees are to be given the impression that they’re accepted and valued and their good performance is recognized and rewarded. With cleaning business software put into place you can achieve this and more.

  1. It helps in securing more contracts

Research indicates that nearly 73 percent of cleaning businesses realized the fact that they need to reduce bids for winning contracts. With loads of competitors mushrooming at a rapid pace, preparing and implementing attractive pricing strategies is becoming tougher with every passing day. To tide over price rivalries, a few businesses are compelled to compromise on prices with a view to generating a decent ROI at best.

So what’s the secret to clinching cleaning contracts without cutting down on prices? You can choose cleaning business software especially for carrying out precise bidding. Alternatively, you can make use of sophisticated applications integrated with the software that will highlight the services provided by you at critical times. These applications allow you to:

  • Showcase your company with uniqueness

  • Present videos of the offered services

  • Upload Before and after photos

  • Putting satisfied client testimonials on show

  • Display currently happening cleaning projects

  1. It helps in resolving problems

Cleaning business software helps in the quick resolution of problems in a systematic fashion. Every so often problems keep happening at site locations. As the business owner, the rule of thumb is to report the problem at once. Most commonly employees make use of conventional modes such as calling and texting to report problems. However, the information conveyed via mobile devices has the chance of getting lost.

A janitorial program put forward by cleaning business software enables you to put messages in order depending on various factors. You can put messages on priority tailored to your needs. The prioritization can be done on the following.

  • Nature of the problem,

  • Location

  • Client

  • Budget

  • Deadline for completion

With the implementation of cleaning service software, you can bring about problem resolution systematically and expediently. Utilization of the software helps avoid problems, for example:

  • Reporting of the problems to wrong people

  • Reporting problems late

  • Inaccurate prioritization of problems

  • Disagreement between parties

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