Franchise development and management are impossible in the absence of any franchise software. The architecture is particularly delineated to fulfill the requirements of franchisors.

Best in class franchise software allows users to efficiently control large franchise business networks. The software consists of an inclusive set of tools to back multiple locations and multiple franchise owners. This makes streamlined data analysis of a vast reserve possible. During franchise operations, franchisors can choose the data they wish to send to or receive from the franchisees.

Here are the most important ways by which franchise software can help prop up franchise development and success.

Franchise Development

Franchise Development

  • It helps optimize the supply chain and inventory levels

With franchise software in place, the franchisor will be able to view the inventory levels. It’s feasible to put purchase orders depending on maximum or minimum inventory levels following which you can directly get in touch with the supply chain manager.

Franchise software is equipped with a stock replenishment feature. You can make good use of this feature throughout your franchise chain to provide historical data as well as seasonal trends to individual franchisees.

To cut a long story short, the franchise software allows franchisors to remain fully cognizant of the whole scheme of things and franchisees to have a full idea about supplies. So, the quantity of inventory they have is known to everyone and any issue related to a shortage of products can be timely handled.

  • It helps increase sales

Customer service and relationship management have a pivotal role to play to make customers come back to a certain franchise outlet. The onus lies on franchisees to make the overall customer experience satisfactory. With an increase in sales at a given outlet the parties involved in franchise development and operations of that corresponding outlet earn more revenues.

Franchise software provides sales promotion and customer loyalty tools that are capable of attracting more and more customers to visit franchisee outlets. Although the franchisee is responsible for the eventual in-store interaction or experience a customer goes through at the outlet, good franchise software can aid in augmenting sales.

  • It helps in the inspection of outlet operations

The point of convergence and interaction between franchisors and franchisees is the franchise software. Through its implementation, you can steer clear of any conflicting situations while inspecting the performance of outlets in real-time.

Nowadays almost every franchise software is cloud-based. This means you can gain access to the software via your smartphones or tablets while on the go.

The software comes up with a presentation of a comparative study of sales and supply chains in outlets from which you can evaluate their performance. Thus in the course of franchise development, improvement areas can be identified and corrective measures can be taken through the finalization of sales and management goals.

When you have recourse to historical information you can rectify problems through early detection. This means in-person inspections can be conducted faster. Even they may not be needed regularly. This will make certain the franchisees work with more liberty and professionalism.

  • It improves marketing standard

One more important function of robust franchise software is to qualify franchisees in executing their individual marketing in a relatively limited space. In this way, the software helps allocate more flexibility and freedom to all franchisee outlet owners.

A typical marketing campaign workflow can be distributed over the whole franchise network via the software. This ensures you can tailor, adapt, improve, and monitor the campaign in real-time which contributes to overall franchise development.

  • It reduces maintenance costs and downtime

Franchise software can be maintained remotely with the help of a few clicks. Through remote handling, you can get rid of the frequent hassles for hardware repairs or replacements. What’s more, you can receive all the necessary IT support from a data center thereby decreasing labor cost as well as mean time to respond for all IT-based services.

Regular and efficient maintenance boils down to minimal downtime and diminished productivity losses.

  • It maximizes the security of the franchise network

With good franchise software in place, franchisors and franchisees know they’ve got 100 percent data security. Full data backup is kept at the remotely located server. Also, the software offers an infallible disaster recovery plan. It indicates the absolute safety of your digital assets from both natural as well as man-made calamities.

On the off chance, a disaster strikes you can temporarily relocate to a safer place or work from home using your smartphone.

  • It brings about seamless scalability

When you put franchise software into practice for franchise development right from scratch, access to cloud-based modules and services can happen effortlessly.

The storage and computing needs of a franchise keep varying. In that case, experts offering franchise software support can handle such issues remotely.

Furthermore, since the system is accessible to you from anywhere, it becomes more plain and straightforward to scale up your franchise across many more geographical locations with an internet presence.

  • Other benefits of the software that help promote franchise development

Employing the software, it’s possible for the franchise headquarter to keep track of vital data such as cash flow, expenses, profits, losses, revenue earnings franchise-wide. All of this can be achieved without any regular reporting need.

The software architecture comes up with a separate interface for enterprise management. It enables you to make the outlet function as per your preferences and draw a comparison of your technique with other outlets with the sole purpose of assessing individual outlet performance. As far as franchise owners are concerned this competitive approach can be a motivating factor to attaining success.

To ensure overarching franchise development the software introduces features such as:

  • Staff directories

  • Ad builder

  • Website builder

  • Content management system

Frankly speaking, did it ever hit your imagination whether it’s possible for KFC to keep a watch on its outlets all over the world without an all-inclusive franchise software? Obviously, country and regional heads have a crucial role to play yet all processes need to function systematically and information needs to be directed to the head office.

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