The significance of franchise software lies in the fact that it can come of immense help to you in expanding your franchise business. To benefit from the undeniable advantages of franchise software read on to become familiar with six of the essential services the software puts forward to accomplish better outcomes for your franchise business.

  • Automation of workflows

Workflow automation is one of the unique selling points of franchise software solutions. As far as franchise software systems are concerned, it’s crucial that you’re capable of gaining access to automated workflows governing your business operations. In franchise software, all automated workflows are designed with ample detailing, efficiency, and robustness. With the implementation of such solid workflows, different business processes can be taken into consideration and modified as and when the need arises. Therefore, it’s evident that the service of automation of workflows becomes relevant to supervise and manage several activities that take place at various stages in your franchise business.

Through the automation of recurring tasks such as sending welcome emails, generating trouble tickets to support customer queries and concerns, and doing manual data entry, you ensure sufficient time of staff and faculties is freed up for them to focus on more important jobs such as sales closure and brand development.

Not only do automated workflows make more effective use of the time of your employees but also boost employee motivation and engagement since the workday of everyone evokes more inherent interest when the added focus of high-value, high-yielding tasks is put. Obviously, it would be rather more interesting to solve problems or interact with people than make data entry of the contact details of leads throughout the day.

Franchise Software

Franchise Software

Franchise software allows you to delineate and implement bespoke workflows tailored to meet your individual needs. Automated workflows chalk out processes and define triggers for automatically welcoming fresh leads, updating contact details, generating reports, and handling other low-value jobs that are needed for conversion into free-flowing operations. So, workflow automation of franchise software is designed in keeping with all business models thereby leading to rigorous control of the end-user experience. 

  • The implementation of marketing campaigns

An integral part of franchise management is the creation and implementation of marketing campaigns. This is critical as business expansion is one of your foremost priorities. That’s why it’s vitally important that the franchise software solutions you depend on to scale up your business are adaptable to different forms of marketing campaigns you intend to generate and offer with a view to improving business prospects. Each marketing campaign consists of elements furnished by franchise software systems. These elements need to be apportioned for the purpose of handling the creation of email marketing campaigns with the primary aim to efficiently direct and move leads through the various stages of the sales cycle.

  • Source tracking

You choose the right franchise software solution to expand your franchise business. It’s imperative that the solution you settle on is competent in identifying the sources of the leads that contact you following the implementation of marketing campaigns. As a consequence, you become aware of the sources on which you can expend more money to bolster your marketing efforts and attract more leads. It’s definitely helpful when you have the ability to pinpoint the different avenues being accessed by your leads in the course of them trying to find more about your business, brand, products, and/or services. You need to appreciate the fact that best-in-class franchise software systems have the capacity to monitor sources be it events, social media, paid campaigns, or referral processes.

It’s all-important to keep track of the sources you get your leads from. This is because it provides direct information on the decisions you adopt while coming up with your marketing campaigns. It’s to no purpose if you aren’t aware of the places your leads are arriving from. Consequently, the time and money you spend on your marketing campaigns go in vain.

Especially, the tracking of sources is important since franchisors for the most part execute campaigns to generate leads. These campaigns are simultaneously run across several platforms. In the absence of source tracking abilities, this strategy is impractical.

The entry of new leads into franchise software can be done through either manual or automatic data entry. While the information on new leads is entered, the software makes sure their sources are tagged as well. It puts forward a lead directory in which you can look for the sources of leads or sort them to ensure your marketing endeavors are effectively assessed immediately upon looking.

  • Full cycle integration

Franchise software should make sure integrations are done over the full cycle. This is indicative of the fact that franchise software should have the ability in providing impressive management competencies for your franchise business. Moreover, franchise software should make you able to gain an understanding of the actions that need to be pursued or have already been undertaken in connection with awarding franchises to potential franchise owners.

Software for customer relationship management should be seamlessly integrated with franchise software while taking the different sales lifecycle phases of the franchise into consideration. What’s more, it’s important that franchise software performs smooth information transfer. These data are acquired during the execution of a variety of sales processes. Then they’re conveyed to different sections that have a correlation with onboarding and compliance management.

The design of franchise software is conceived so that it can work in absolute synchrony with all franchise business models. This not only suggests dynamic end-user control and customization capabilities but smooth software integration as well.

It needs to be kept in mind that franchisors resort to various features and tools which they expect to function in tandem. The usefulness of franchise software is determined by how efficiently it plays along with other pieces of software. Its importance is also ascertained based on how efficiently it facilitates existing software to arrange disorganized data properly in a single centralized location.

The typical design of franchise software is brought into being to smoothly integrate with leading software solutions such as QuickBooks, DocuSign, Intuit,, and many more software pairings supported with full synergy.

  • Reports, dashboard, and analytics

Any leading franchise software should be equipped with the essential capabilities of reporting and analytics. Why? You need to know how well is your business performing. Once you gain valuable insights through the inclusion of key performance reports and analytics you can make certain your franchise performs in an exemplary, encouraging fashion by bringing about optimal results as far as sales, revenue earnings, and profits are concerned. Depending on the report findings you can make adjustments to your business to sustain your strengths and work on areas that need improvement. Then, you’ll know inside out how the full scope of your business in terms of workflows, leads, sources, sales funnel, marketing campaigns, and communication is implemented and leveraged.

  • Centralized communications

In this day and age, there are virtually endless communication options. But, at the same time, the probabilities of errors to be committed during communications are likewise high. Your text message may not reach the intended recipient. Your email may bounce or land in the spam folder. Also, with an increase in communication channels, the odds of missing messages are higher. It’s natural that people resort to diverse communication preferences. And, opting for the wrong channel to reach out can result in considerable lost opportunities.

Franchise software eliminates the possibilities of missed opportunities by having all communications confined within a centralized location so that employees can be contacted by means of several communication channels that are supported by the franchise software platform. This leads to improvement in the efficacy of communication channels. Also, this gives rise to an increase in staff accountability.

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