Home services businesses, in general, are inclined towards cutting costs and increasing productivity. In a bid to accomplish the same they turn to home services sales software to aid them in achieving those two important goals. The advantages of home services software include the following.

  • It helps optimize labor costs
  • It helps ascertain the number of technicians required to execute tasks
  • It helps bring about improvement in call center management
  • It helps in the assignment of tasks to the crew
  • It helps in monitoring job operations and performances
  • It helps reduce the dependence of corporate intervention on the unique skills acquired by individuals as well as service suppliers
  • It helps implement educational, training modules to augment the knowledge base among workers

Home services sales software solution enables businesses to pull off the aforementioned targets and render the ensuing benefits to different roles that the businesses offer.

This article is all about how home services sales software has an effect on the business from diverse perspectives.

Brandwide - Brandwide - Home Services Sales Software

Brandwide – Brandwide – Home Services Sales Software

Benefits extended by home services sales software for scheduler or dispatcher

The contributions put forward by the maintenance scheduler or dispatcher and technical support professionals are crucial to ensure the whole process to consummate an order from start to finish is done smoothly. However, getting them executed routinely is a relentless chore that almost seems like a thankless job given that there’s no proper home service sales software in place.

Fortunately, the perfect software implements are available with a selection of modules that are necessary to carry out optimization of the jobs done by the scheduler or dispatcher thereby playing an important role in enhancing customer satisfaction.

Some of the chief modules of home services sales software include the following.

Tools for scheduling and planning

They provide you with an overarching view of the entire functioning of your team. You can put the graphical timeline to use for lining up new tasks, assigning them to the right on-field technicians, and making sure they’re having the right pieces and parts of equipment readily available to them. A few of the key information furnished by the module takes in the following.

  • The service level agreement (SLA) associated with the order
  • The sequence of tasks needed for completing the order
  • The suitable and available human and technical resources available for the completion of the order
  • A worklist, is currently assigned to the technicians appointed to complete the order
  • The resources readily available nearby the order site

Location-based services

Irrespective of the number of orders you get or the number of technicians and vehicles you implicate in executing the orders, a GIS-driven home services software tool enables you to keep a close watch on them with the help of the following accessories.

Digital maps

GPS or vehicle tracking facility

Mobile handsets

As a consequence, you can quickly get hold of technicians having possession of the skills appropriate to complete the order. They can be sent to the client’s location with a view to resolving any specific problem.

Benefits of home services sales software for on-field technicians

For the majority of clients, you happen to proffer the public image of your business. And the reputation of your business will depend to a great extent on how each aspect of any particular task is attended to. Simultaneously, you need to suitable optimize the time to perform the tasks and complete more orders at any given time. Once more, home services sales software can come to your aid in balancing these demands thereby ensuring its benefits are fully leveraged to both your customers and employees.

  • Streamlined mobile access

Mobile home services sales software tools are deployed via mobile handsets. The tools lend a hand in giving you all the information you may be in need of to complete the allocated task. The daily schedule can be accessed via your mobile device. In addition, instructional documents, route plans, and remotely-controlled network management tools can be readily accessed. Once you’re thru with the job, you can get the digital sign-off from the customer. The corresponding information is directly transmitted to employees working at the back office for updating and safekeeping.

  • Robust optimization tools

The main objective of the optimization is just not about cutting down costs to the minimal feasible level. It’s likewise about establishing a fair balance between resources, expenditures, and benefits. Home services sales software tools aid you in achieving just all these goals. For instance, they help organize the work done by employees in an optimized fashion or utilize the information supplied by the GIS system so that the job routes can be planned and followed effectively.

  • The management of spare parts

With the arrival of a home services technician arriving at the client’s premises in time, along with the right types of equipment and spare parts needed to correctly do the job, a favorable impression is created in the minds of the client. On the contrary, customer satisfaction is all shaken up if the possibility of the technician going back to the warehouse to collect the right spare parts crops up, in particular, if it happens to be urgent repair work. It’s not just the time that gets wasted. It’s also the fuel cost involved while driving back and forth between the client’s premises and the warehouse. Thus your business incurs some extra unwanted outlay. The advantages of home services sales software take into consideration the ability to utilize optimization tools for predicting the nature of the problems and their solutions so that most of the complaints are resolved at one go without the need for doubling up while executing the tasks.

  • Knowledge base

Another remarkable advantage of using home services sales software is the easy, quick access to a vast reserve of a shared knowledge base. Therefore, with the knowledge base module in tow, you can make sure your technicians possess the requisite know-how to resolve issues, be it a problem at the customer’s location, or an item of equipment going out of order. They can gather the knowledge and master the needed skill set with the help of information and instructions provided in written or graphical forms.

Benefits of home services sales software to improve customer service

Based on the information shared in the aforesaid section, you can easily see how home services sales software tools will have a powerful, effective influence on the perception of customers on your business. For example:

In case you happen to be a customer service representative, one of your most important goals lies in quickly getting a problem solved on the first go. With home services sales software by your side, you’ll be having the ability to keep the client up to date in real-time about the identity of the technician expect to arrive and do the assigned job.

The software doesn’t allow you to request a call back from the customer later for booking an appointment which in turn can make the customer annoyed and damage the positive image your business exhibits. Thus gaining instantly accessible information pertaining to available technicians and resources is included among one of the outstanding benefits of home services sales software.

Benefits of home services sales software for salespersons

By and large, a sales process can lead to lots of disappointments and frustrations as far as the salespersons are concerned. In addition, the records of the contacts of each of the successful and unsuccessful candidates must be maintained. Furthermore, see to it all customers remain engaged with the job completion process till the time they’re signed off the form for invoice generation and payment processing.

Home services sales software solutions possess the ability to restrict unsuccessful transactions. even, they permit technicians to undertake a few specific sales activities while they’re on the field with a happy and content customer. The software also permits technicians to discharge particular sales activities, for instance, they can make use of their mobile phones or tablets for delivering documents, collecting signatures, preparing invoices, and even conducting up-selling and cross-selling activities.

All these lend valuable support to the mainstream sales teams, specifically since the on-field technician may have the ability to suggest solid recommendations to the customers depending on their experience, expertise, and observations and also the task they’re required to do.

Bottom line

Optimization brought off by home services sales software in on-field operations has its basis on the synergy that exists between all departments and employees in the business. Solutions provided by home services sales software help to propel your business towards realizing its goals through the automation of several processes and by sharply focusing on customer requirements. Benefits derived from home services sales software can be amply capitalized on converging services, saving costs, optimizing work, scheduling, dispatching, and outsourcing.

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