Whether you are a new or an established entrepreneur, there are many business and operational functions you need to run your day-to-day operations. You may know to do some of these tasks and the time to accomplish them. But what about when it’s time for more significant tasks like payroll, budgeting, tacking inventory, and shipping?  Use the Franchise Software solutions for all of your automation needs. For example, you can process your business transactions, track expenses and inventory, build payroll and generate profit & loss statements.

Fashion Mall franchise software is designed to give new or existing franchise entrepreneurs better control over their businesses. Choose from the various Franchise Solutions for Retail Management Software. Whether you are in the Fashion industry or need to automate other processes at your company, there is a solution for you.

Whether an international retailer or shop owner, this software provides a modular retail management system to suit your specific operations and needs. If you want a better understanding of various services provided by this software, then you can stay focused.

Brandwide - Franchise Software

Brandwide – Franchise Software

  1. Inventory Management Software

It is the first and foremost important task of a business. You need to inventory your goods, process the order, and checkout efficiently. The retail management system will help you do all this with the features like Automated Inventory Tracking, Pricing, Order management, Multiple warehouses with price differentials, etc.

  1. Point-of-Sale Solutions

The POS is the backbone of a retail business. It tells you what you have sold, at what time, and which customer. It also helps process the information from the cashier to the accounting department.

With POS Software, you can view the inventory cost and then apply different margins to determine the sales price of your products. The system would benefit large retailers or small shop owners since it is easy to use and helps manage stock more efficiently.

  1. Customer Relationship Management Software    

The CRM helps retailers to keep track of their clients. The system will be helpful for a large retail shop or franchise organization, where they can retain the details of their customers in one place. The store owners can then use this data to send targeted advertisements and newsletters. In addition, it is possible to compare your previous sales and customer data with the current one and analyze which strategies work in your favor.

  1. Backup / Disaster Recovery Planning

You can create and maintain copies of your valuable data in the network server or external storage devices. You can also use the software to back up your data to another location. By doing this, you can avoid problems like accidental deletion, hard drive failure, and software corruption. In addition, this disaster recovery software helps in the restoration process.

  1. Business Process Monitoring and Analysis    

With this software, you can see important details about your business, including the end-to-end processes you run. The software will help with detailed analysis and decision making, simplifying the entire set of information that you need to get.

  1. Extensive Reporting Options     

With Franchise Software, you can create separate reports for your retail business. You can also create detailed reports for your employees. The reports are beneficial for determining the trends and patterns of your business. They also help you improve by making changes when necessary. It can be done by comparing each month’s sales report or several items sold between different locations, departments, and territories. Then, analyze each report and determine what strategies to expand your business.

  1. Technical Support and Training

The team behind the software includes certified developers who can address any issues and help you with the implementation of the software. However, the most significant benefit of the franchise software is its simple interface. It allows you to get started quickly and dive deeper into each feature to gain more experience. There is also a training program that will help you learn how to use the systems to your advantage.

  1. POS Screen Management  

The POS Software will allow you to customize the look and feel of your store’s POS system. The features available include creating custom screens to display information appropriately, adding and removing fields as you need (and hiding them when they are not needed), and Changing fonts, Alignment, and display options.

  1. Team member Time Tracking Software

Being a small business owner or a franchisee, you have many things to do between workdays and weekends. The time management system helps track time spent on different tasks and shows who has worked on which task during a week. You can also get reports on how each team member performs their duties. For example, you will see how many hours they have been working, their pay, and their net salary. The program will also show you the company’s salaries and benefits, saving your time and making calculations easier.

  1. Customer Discount Management Software

The world of retail is changing with time. With the continual advancement in technology and current trends, you are likely to come into contact with more outlets selling your products than ever before. With this software, you can manage your discounts and ensure no one is being over-compensated.

Of course, it would help if you were careful not to hurt your other customers by giving an unnecessary discount. The system will help you control the discount policy and offer consistent treatment to your customers.

All the Franchise Software solutions have their own set of benefits. Small shop owners working in a single location can use the retail management software or business owners running multiple shops. Franchises or large retail chains can also use the software. By opting for the Franchise Solutions for Retail Management Software, you will be able to run your business efficiently, control costs, and generate more revenue.

You also have access to a team of professionals who can assist you through every step of the process. They all provide practical ways to manage your business. If you stay focused, you can better understand this software and significantly impact your knowledge.

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