Franchisees are an essential part of the franchise operation and a significant focus for the software. Therefore, the franchise owner needs to communicate with Franchises in a way that provides them with accurate, timely, and meaningful information while respecting their desire to have control over their operations.

With the software, you can manage all aspects of your franchisor business more efficiently. You may also need to manage a large number of sites, especially if you are a multi-site franchisor. You need to get the critical information and alerts in front of the owners quickly and efficiently. Franchisees will benefit from the software by getting alerts when their reports are due and overdue so they can submit them without missing a deadline.

Franchisees love how the software allows them to run their franchise operation without being bogged down by data entry, repetitive manual tasks, or waiting on reports. Franchise owners like getting information fast, without delay, so that they can make critical decisions. Here are the benefits of Franchise Software in improving communication with franchisees.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Software

  • Integration with CRM Systems

Most franchise owners use a CRM system to manage their franchisees. This data was entered into a spreadsheet and sent to the database in the past. With this software, you can integrate the information from your CRM system with your database. When a report is due, it will be sent to the owner via email or text message. It saves time by sending a one-time email to an entire database instead of sending individual reports that multiple franchises in different locations might use.

  • Ease of Data Collection and Aggregation

Some franchise runs are completed by reading reports generated by the software; others require manual data input. Still, all require manual intervention to collect and compile information from many franchisees. The data is formatted to make it easy for the franchisee to enter information into the software.

  • Provides a Sound, Trusted Productivity Tool

The software provides owner-friendly reports so the franchisee can easily manage their operations. Reports are known to be accurate and easy to read and understand, which will make you more competitive. The reports have been carefully designed in style, layout, and formatting, so they are user-friendly and easy to understand.

  • Flexible, Scalable, and Reliable

The software is the backbone of your business, so you need it to be reliable and scalable. Need to add franchisees? The software will scale with your business. Need to add locations? The software will scale with your operations. Regarding reliability, the reputation as a trusted partner is second to none when it comes to Franchise Software solutions.

  • Integrated with other Software

Need to work with other software? The software integrates well with other franchise software, making it easy to manage your business from a centralized location. For example, you can work with this software with the franchise management system (FMS), accounting software, Point of Sale (POS) system, and other areas. In addition, the franchise software integrates with leading accounting and ERP solutions through our APIs so you can focus on your business and not on data entry.

  • Reporting and Alerting Capabilities

Need to manage a large number of locations? The reports can be customized by geographic region, reporting periods (weeks, months), or by owner. Want to be notified when your franchisee reports are due or late? The software has management alerts to tell you when your franchisee’s report is due or late.

  • Security and Access Controls for Owners

Owners want to get information about their franchisees as quickly as possible, but they also need to know that information about their franchisees is secure and protected. With the franchise software, you can give your owners access only to the information they need through multi-layer security controls.

  • Ease of Managing and Working with Franchisees

The Franchise Software provides a quick and easy way for franchise owners to manage their franchisees. The owner can add a new franchisee within seconds, update the status of an existing franchisee, or manage multiple franchises simultaneously. It is a significant benefit because most people prefer to be contacted directly to answer questions instead of calling the dispatcher.

  1. Data from Other Sources

The software’s integrated reporting and analysis capabilities allow you to gather data from any other source. Examples include your website, POS system, and email or phone contacts that provide essential data about your franchisees. This information can be used to create more comprehensive reports and analyses, or the franchisee can give them the information they need.

  1. Accessible Anywhere

The software is entirely accessible from any location with an internet connection. You do not need a large company mainframe to access the software because all data is stored in a secure cloud-based system. It means you can connect from anywhere at any time, any time of the day or night without any additional cost.

  1. Quickly Update Franchise Data

The software can update franchise data quickly with customized reports based upon the information you need to know. You can query the multiple databases linked with that franchise and merge the data quickly to be available in one place. It also means you can run reports based on all the data stored in a single database.

  1. Flexible Reporting and Analysis

The software has customizable reporting capabilities, so you can compile, analyze and present data in the format you prefer. You will quickly view trends, compare your sales to the industry average and look at other relevant information.

Franchise Software will help you create a better business and get the most from your franchisees. It can also help you compete more effectively by providing information available 24 hours a day. Try to stay focused so that you can have a better understanding.

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