In recent times, businesses are forced to contend with fierce competition. At the same time, the milieu is observing the rapid proliferation of software solutions in the marketplace. Thus, it’s no simple feat to manage a business that caters to innumerable customers with the highest levels of expertise and efficiency. Herein franchise software enters the scene. It comprises sundry tools to empower businesses to stay ahead of the competition by effectively managing their constituent franchise units.

Why do you need franchise software?

To ensure sustained business growth it’s imperative that you invest in franchise software with its arsenal of the right tools. They help you remain abreast with the most recent developments and trends taking place in the franchising world.

  • Franchise software helps make franchise operations smooth. It helps save lots of time and money. Any progress made in a certain franchising program can be known via a centrally located database. Moreover, you can resort to software tools for managing human resources, supervising employee payroll, monitoring sales, income, and expenses, and keeping track of key performance indicators for all franchisees.

  • Franchise software systems can do you a good turn by establishing a more powerful system to control business functioning. This takes into monitoring all vital documents related to the following.

    • Accounting

    • Marketing

    • Inventory management

    • Customer relationships

  • Also, franchise software tools come to the aid of franchisees to make sure financial processes are streamlined. This is pulled off through the automatic generation of custom reports that contain all the appropriate information you need for effectively running your business.

  • For instance, in case you’re contemplating sneaking your business into unexplored markets or an expansion with the addition of new franchises, the marketing tool can help you assess leads and prospects by furnishing sales-related statistics for a given territory/area.

  1. Marketing tool

With franchise brands setting their sights on amplifying their online prominence, it’s most likely, that they’d like to utilize the numerous advantages of franchise software that offers extensive levels of customization and greater control over business resources. The marketing tool sets the seal on creating content suitable to the needs and preferences of the target audience. The tool is capable of setting custom-tailored ads afloat to target specific locations. Furthermore, the analytical feature of the tool can be maximally availed to keep tabs on business performance.

The marketing tool is supported by a local, all-inclusive platform that provides valuable insights to businesses and marketing companies spread across multiple locations for managing brand consistency, local SEO, social media presence, and reviews. Thus, you get everything that’s needed to attract customers and win them. The marketing tool of franchise software renders a synopsis of your performance in local marketing to ensure you consistently remain on top of the game.

  • The tool supports a reputation management feature to establish and nurture a favorable connection with customers and keep up a good reputation.

  • With the local SEO feature of the tool, you can create engaging, top-scoring marketing campaigns that lead to higher rankings in major SERPs and subsequently more conversions.

  • The brand management feature keeps a watch on the performance of your franchise brand besides developing, maintaining, and promoting a powerful brand.

  • The marketing tool also comes up with a top-notch feature to augment social media strategies across all leading platforms.

  • The distributed marketing feature is used for empowering your workforce to effectuate online brand representation.

  • The marketing tool offers profound insights to discover opportunities for the growth of your business through various channels such as social media, reviews, content creation, and local search.

  1. Management tool

The management tool offered by franchise software is a unified solution taking care of all business needs. It’s intuitive to dispatch products. It’s intelligent to execute automated payments. Therefore, it helps you manage operations with ease and keeps you abreast of all details right from making payments to employees, to scheduling appointments for jobs, and presiding over marketing initiatives.

Franchisees can make the most of the management tool as it helps ward off time-consuming paperwork and allows them to concentrate more on customers. The tool provides an automated onboarding facility and follow-ups. Without making you concerned about the minutest of details, it relieves you with precious time to see to it your business goals are getting fulfilled.

  • The management tool gives you real-time data access to vital information about KPIs, sales, and revenue to let you gain an understanding of how the facts and figures align with your general business strategy.

  • The marketing feature embedded within the tool makes sure the amount you spend on advertising efforts is capitalized with maximum returns.

  • The cloud sync feature ensures all assets related to branding are effortlessly synchronized across the board.

  • The tool offers the facility of generating various templates and forms that can be customized to complement your business standards.

  • The tool facilitates the automatic generation of reports that contain information on how your different business processes are functioning. The reports are automatically sent via email for straightforward access and analysis.

Management tool lets you capture data and metrics generated in the course of the launch of a successful product. The aim lies in creating a feedback process. As a consequence, you can gauge the needs and concerns of your customers before problems arise and blow out of proportion. The use of real-time information can further be leveraged to pinpoint areas that call for improvement and subsequently make necessary adjustments. Furthermore, the tool allows you to visually put your sales data up on display to recognize poorly performing areas and adopt corrective measures.

  1. Recruitment tool

All businesses are in need of a team of employees that’s well-organized and efficient to give a boost to their success potential. The recruitment tool of franchise software comes to your aid by allowing you to efficiently be in charge of the hiring process. The tool can be put to maximal use for:

  • Creating a database for candidates that have expressed interest to get into the franchise fold

  • Searching for prospective employees

  • Conducting interviews

  • Taking candidates on your payroll that suit preferred profiles

The perfect franchise recruitment tool significantly contributes to finding the right candidates that can add value to your business. Since the tool is AI-powered and intuitive, its platform facilitates monitoring and managing of recruitment processes from the beginning to the end.

  • The tool is equipped with a prediction feature that helps reach out to qualified, skilled candidates for high-value jobs available in the market. It does so by publishing job ads targeted to specific job aspirants.

  • The tool brings out detailed real-time reports on results concerning the performance of your job ads. They can be viewed across more than one platform. If the results aren’t too encouraging, the tool allows you to improve them by taking the required corrective actions.

  • Franchise software also supports recruitment solutions that are AI-enabled and helps you avoid the laborious task of manually reviewing resumes. As a result, the process to hire managers becomes all the more plain sailing.

  • The recruitment automation feature introduces high levels of efficiency and focuses on finding the most suitable candidates.

The AI-enhanced recruitment tool of franchise software lends a helping hand to businesses in identifying and eliminating the most commonly occurring mistakes that take place in the course of the hiring process. it empowers you to do a forecast of employees that may perform well or may be in need of more attention.

  1. CRM tool

The broad-based concept of customer relationship management can be put into effect in several different ways. For instance, your franchise may support one CRM tool used by franchise owners for the collection of data from all customers. Similarly, there may be a separate CRM tool that aims at attending to the requirements of a single customer.

Nonetheless, eventually, every CRM tool has got one principal function to comply with – keeping customers happy and satisfied with your offerings of products and services. A CRM tool of franchise software comes up with a synergized platform to make certain all efforts related to customer relationship management are carried through.

  • The contact management feature is meant for simultaneously handling a number of clients and puts extreme focus on the closure of more and more sale deals.

  • The email management feature operates in sync with a variety of email channels to take each of your email campaigns forward and make them succeed.

  • The sales pipeline management feature makes sure your sales reps pull in the right people from the right places and at the right time.

  • The custom reporting feature is responsible for creating various reports in real-time. These reports are comprehensive and the minutiae about customers can be viewed and studied in depth for making prudent business decisions.

  • The mobile sales CRM feature helps synchronize the contacts and tasks stored on your desktops with the software’s built-in mobile app so that you’re up to date with tasks to be performed even while on the move.

Certain CRM tools are powered up with AI-enabled business card scanning and route planning features to keep you at the helm of sales as well as customer relationships. In addition, franchise software is also capable of integrating a plethora of sales automation tools so that a smooth, enjoyable customer experience can be spooned out. Accounting tool

  1. Accounting tool

A best-in-class accounting tool of franchise software will come to your aid by keeping a watch on the costs and expenses you incur while carrying out business transactions. The tool also helps maintain the accuracy of records. The tool is known to create necessary statements related to profits and losses. It analyzes the financial performance of your business. What’s more, it helps in creating a comprehensive demonstration and review of your books of accounts.

  • The multiple-entity accounting feature helps in the generation of a single report that bears all information in connection with your expenses and other financial outlays.

  • The multiple-location inventory feature keeps a track of the exact location of your inventory. It monitors how much inventory is in stock at any given instant and ensures minimal wastage of your capital resources on inventory that can’t be sold.

  • The billing for subscriptions is automated leading to easy processing of recurring payments as far as products and services are concerned.

Thus cloud-based accounting tool of franchise software offers an eclectic selection of features to make sure your franchise business remains productive and organized. The tool in its entirety is enfolded in a user-friendly interface. As a consequence, finance management almost happens on cruise control.

When it comes to any business a franchise software system is indispensable. Most importantly, this is because both franchisors and franchisees are required to monitor and report their general performance for making well-informed decisions. Therefore, with the right tools, you’re in a position to keep a check on your business, be in charge of your finances, maintain regular surveillance over your employees besides achieving so much more.

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