In essence, a food truck franchise is a restaurant franchise on the move. With time, the concept of a moving restaurant or food truck franchise CRM software has gained considerable popularity.

A typical food truck franchise functions in two distinct ways. The first one is in the form of a standalone eatery with a shape and size identical to that of a truck parked in the vicinity of malls, office buildings, or commercial complexes. However, the food hawkers regularly parked at the same place every day.

The second form of food truck franchise drives around the city all through different areas. The area of its service varies from one day to the other. In a true sense, it’s a kind of mobile eatery. The employees managing the franchise do instant cooking of the food ordered by customers and serve them while on the move. By and large, the food truck franchise doesn’t remain confined to a specific location and offer services in many different parts of a city thereby reaching out to varied customers and gaining their loyalty over time. With an increase in the volume of work, this model of a food truck franchise can likewise build a base kitchen at a centralized location to do bulk cooking and cater to numerous customers.

In this article, we’ll discuss a number of ways in which franchise CRM software helps manage food truck franchises. The software aids in considerably saving the money of the owners of food truck franchises. Here are different ways franchise CRM software can take your food truck business to higher notches. The software lends you a helping hand in directly cutting costs besides doing away with costly redundancies that can eat up your food truck franchise’s manhours.

  1. Franchise CRM software helps decide the costs of the menu and recipe.

This functionality of the franchise CRM software comes to the aid of chefs and food truck franchise owners to decide on the prices of the food listed on the menu and to be served. In addition, the functionality enables you to garner maximum profits with its ability to calculate the cost of a recipe, minimize wastage, cut down staff hours, and monitor inventory with more effect. The franchise CRM’s recipe and menu costing feature enjoy absolute ease of use. It results in lessening the cost of the foods you serve. The feature can promptly display a certain food cost percentage for each recipe you prepare. This will allow you to make the necessary adjustment to margins by classifying actual purchase prices vis-a-vis the recipe or menu. Being accompanied by the right tools, food truck owners can thus make well-informed decisions to secure maximum ROI.

  1. Franchise CRM software helps count the inventory.

When it comes to a food truck franchise a back-end process that’s of essence is to count, manage, and make a valuation of the food inventory. You need to keep on taking these actions at all times. Traditionally, that indicates lots of to-and-fro movement in the kitchen while you cross-reference on your calculator followed by jotting down the results on a notepad. But, is it really a necessary evil to be included in managing your franchise? Not so! With the right franchise CRM software in tow, you can reduce plenty of man-hours required to get to grips with the inventory. The software lets you optimize the entire process to ensure there are no shortages or blowouts in the future. Franchise CRM software helps in the optimization of the inventory levels of your franchise as well as the supply chain. It also enables you in counting, manages, and make a valuation of your current inventory with its built-in mobile app. Therefore, whether you’re ferreting around for fresh ingredients in the market or in the midst of preparing the perfect pizza, your inventory valuation is right there at your fingertips, and that too in real-time, thanks to the software. Furthermore, franchise CRM lets you incorporate leading bookkeeping software such as QuickBooks so that you can eliminate any associated redundances in a thorough and uncompromising fashion.

  1. Franchise CRM software helps in the analysis of recipe costs, and sales for improved planning and securing more profits.

The performance module of franchise CRM software makes use of intuitive reports and dashboards for keeping track of and reviewing key performance indicators. The module thus allows food truck franchise owners to draw a comparison of the costs of recipes vis-a-vis inventory metrics. It also lets them determine the returns each recipe is generating. In this way, franchise owners obtain a breakdown of food items that are popular and unpopular. All this takes place in real-time. The module comes to the aid of franchise owners in managing menu development in the long term. It controls costs to ensure less wastage. It precipitates the realization of a higher ROI.

  1. Franchise CRM software helps bring about the optimization of a catering schedule.

The key method of catering needs to be simplified in every food truck franchise. Franchise CRM software guarantees this simplification at all steps of the way. Firstly, the software is endowed with easy-to-use tools that help monitor catering leads and successfully convert those opportunities. Secondly, the CRM is in possession of robust calendar tools that can come succor in coordinating hectic catering schedules through streamlined, effective communication thereby enabling food truck franchise owners to manage resources in a productive manner.

  1. Franchise CRM software does in-depth, effective sales analysis to gain maximum returns.

Keeping a track of the dollars earned through sales and including the information into a database where the value of every inventory is stored and making a comparison between the two comes up, thanks to franchise CRM software, with an all-encompassing picture of the profit and loss figures associated with the operations of the food truck franchise. With the integration of proper sales information in the form of comprehensive reports becoming available, the inventory information is automatically updated. Even discrepancies are identified and well-timed alerts pertaining to gross inefficiencies and areas of losses are sent to owners. The sales analysis functionality of franchise CRM software keeps track of sales on a daily or periodic basis, ranks sales in terms of the contribution added to the profit made of the number of food items sold, and sets up an interface with Point Of Sale (POS) as a supplementary tool.

  1. Franchise CRM software facilitates seamless ordering and purchasing actions.

The operations of a successful food truck franchise are based on the assumption that the task of sourcing inventory happens in a constant fashion. In addition, there is a need for comparing costs and track discrepancies. All these activities are made easily possible with the availability of the food service tool of franchise CRM software in the backend. The software’s abilities to manage inventory and integrate functions of sales, ordering, and purchasing are combined to provide you with a reliable system to determine precisely what to order, whom to order, and how much to order. The software is adept in cross-referencing competencies and comes up with prompt analysis thereby saving plenty of labor hours.

  1. Franchise CRM software can carry out nutritional analysis of each recipe on the menu card.

With the software by your side, you can effortlessly calculate the nutritional value of the recipes you offer to customers. Also, you can derive relevant information needed to fulfill the prerequisites and demands of customers that put their health on priority and comply with the mandates put down by the government. A few food truck franchises are obligated to make calorie content plain and arrange for extra yet standard nutritional details for passing on to customers.

On the contrary, several other franchises do the same by offering the information voluntarily. Partly, this is in vogue as customers themselves ask for information on the nutritional value of the food they consume to avoid food allergies and subsequent health disorders. In the absence of franchise CRM software, this process of doing an analysis of recipes and preserving the corresponding information for future use will possibly be time-consuming, labor-intensive, and expensive.

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