With the emergence of innovative technology and software integration, these times franchisors benefit from automated franchise management software. The cloud-based software provides end-to-end support with real-time scheduling updates while optimizing the overall functions and efficiency of the franchising business. This modular all-in-one software platform comes with discrete modules that assist by interacting and syncing up the entire franchising management functions.

Delivering smoother business operations, the user-friendly and robust franchise software from BrandWide is offered as a software as a service (SaaS) platform with uninterrupted support, and never requires any other external software to be installed. Moreover, with real-time monitoring of the franchisee’s performances through automatic dashboards and practical reporting functions, the software is second to none in boosting the franchising operations for the franchisors.

What Are The Distinct Benefits Delivered By Franchise Software To Boost Business Growth?

Harmonizes the Key Deliverables for Franchises

The cloud-based software offers a smooth operational framework that helps effectively streamline the franchise business. It helps to significantly save the time and costs of managing the franchisees, thus ensuring several profitable bargains. Besides, the cutting-edge franchise software platform can also be synced up with the Smartphone apps, and thus can be effectively integrated within the entire franchising network and clients.

The software also provides essential messages and alerts to the employees of different franchise outlets, and the potential target audiences via prompt emails. Again, delivering live tracking of the on-job schedules with real-time updates for the franchise on-field crews, the platform proves to be indispensable. Moreover, the automated platform simplifies the process of recruiting newly acquired franchisees, while efficiently integrating and customizing distinct strategies for smoother franchising operations. In addition, by providing a synced-up marketing campaign management, the software delegates tasks to improve the entire franchising operations.

Offers a Centralized Single Location for Storing Crucial Data

Again, the franchise management software platform also brings in a unique centralized location to store all the essential franchise business information, helping the franchisors and franchise employers to access it from anywhere and anytime they require. Thus, such a well-coordinated data repository proves to be optimally functional for the franchisees, which further can be constantly updated. In addition, all the relevant business communications accomplished between the franchisee chains and the customers are meticulously recorded and updated by the unique software platform of BrandWide.

Acquiring Prospective Leads with Brand Improvement

The all-in-one franchise management platform is highly flexible and offers extensive and precise sales data to identify and foster prospective target leads in the sales funnel. Besides, the cloud-based software delivers instant notifications to the potential leads coming to the franchising operations. Again, the BrandWide franchise software also offers rapid communication within the entire franchising network and integrates the business functions between the franchisors and franchise units. Likewise, such a synced-up software platform helps to augment the brand awareness and worth of the business, and increase ROI.

Syncs up The Human Assets Management

Moreover, the personalized franchise operations software assists to integrate the various modules of franchising business, right from human resources, to enlisting new franchisees, and to sourcing and training the employees. Additionally, the automated platform helps to sync up the applicant tracking systems, time management, managing attendance, and payroll functions, along with reporting functionalities. Again, the highly effective franchising solution also helps to integrate the performance appraisal of the franchise staff, personalizing payment processing operations, automating the content generation process, preparing remittances, and more.

Maintain the Source Tracking Assignments

Similarly, the franchise management software also supports by thoroughly tracing the origin of all the potential target leads to the franchising business, and subsequently decides on the area to invest to improve the advertising campaigns. Such origin or source for the potential leads consists of the paid campaigns, along with social media or referral process that needs to be registered into the CRM in addition to the source.

The franchise owners should also refer to evaluating multiple prospective leads generated per source. Moreover, such applications need to also verify the cost per lead, along with the sales revenue created by each origin. The automated platform also establishes the progress made by such potential sources in the sales funnels of the marketing campaign, while monitoring the entire funds invested to source such leads.

Delivering a Synchronized Reporting Function

Additionally, the tested and proven franchise management software from BrandWide brings forth all-inclusive daily reports, along with weekly and monthly ones for justifying the operational functions of the franchisees. In this context, the franchisors need to ensure the authenticity of the franchise platform that helps to integrate the entire franchising operations.

However, introducing the software from BrandWide can automatically gain the reliability of operations. Again, this cloud-based software solution helps to substantiate the franchisee outlets with the highest level of financial flexibility. Furthermore, the automated franchise platform also authorizes franchisors to determine and introduce the best franchising practices for boosting business functions by integrating fair management practices.

In A Nutshell

Thus, introducing the franchise management software from BrandWide is the best approach taken by the franchisors to effectively streamline and grow their business to achieve the optimum ROI. Therefore, emerging franchisors and SMEs need to approach BrandWide as soon as possible to take expert advice and a cost-free demo of such a unique franchise management solution, before the final utilization in the franchising business.

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