All-In-One Franchise Management Software

Consolidate Multiple Tools Under One Franchise Software

Looking for an integrated franchise platform to grow your franchise? Are you using multiple different franchisee management tools? You are not alone. You need “one” integrated franchise management system to market your brand, automate sales, streamline workflow, award and onboard new franchises, engage franchise owners, drive local marketing and grow customer base.

Introducing BrandWide all-in-one franchise management software platform. BrandWide offers a reliable internal control structure that helps you to grow your brand and make your units successful by providing everything you need in a real-time franchise software system. BrandWide provides the functionality, metrics, and analytics you need to make critical decisions.

Franchise Software

Automate Franchise Sales & Signing

Improve your recruitment process and convert more franchise leads.

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Automate Onboarding and Store Opening

Streamline your onboarding and store opening tasks for new locations.

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LMS for Training

Ensure employees of all units are trained and compliant using BrandWide LMS

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Franchise Helpdesk

Collaborate, assist, and engage with your franchisees to grow their locations.

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Document Management

Share documents and sales & marketing assets with franchisees.

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Field Audits & Compliance

Track compliance and perform field audits of your locations.

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Royalty Management

Collect, calculate, and report on royalties from your locations.

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Corporate Dashboard

Collect, track, and measure KPIs from all your locations.

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Franchisee CRM

Help your locations succeed with complete franchisee CRM and email marketing software.

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Why People Love Us

We needed a way to internally run our business so that franchisees didn’t have to … We chose the team at Soffront. It’s a full massive CRM, stronger on an enterprise level than others.
Brad Sugars

President & Founder, ActionCoach

We use BrandWide Franchise Software by Soffront to manage and communicate with our franchisees and customers across the globe.
Bill Poce

Director of Marketing, InXpress Americas

We chose BrandWide after a rigorous selection process. We are using BrandWide to standardize our processes and improve collaboration between our locations.
Petter Nahed

President, Maid Green

Our Customers Get Results

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Streamlining Franchise Recruitment with BrandWide

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Are you tired of juggling multiple franchise management tools? Are you seeking a seamless platform to elevate your franchise to new heights? Look no further than BrandWide – the comprehensive franchise management software designed to streamline your operations and drive expansion.