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BrandWide Franchise Management Software Connects Corporate and Franchise Units Under One Platform

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Manage all franchisee information from one place


Manage requests and questions from your franchisees


Ensure consistent branding and messaging across franchisees.


Track aggregated sales and analytics across franchisees.


Establish a compliance program across all franchisees


Process monthly royalties and fees


Ensure that all franchisees have access to up-to-date information.


Franchise software dashboards to track compliance across franchisees.

Why choose BrandWide’s Franchise Software?

Franchise Operations

Manage All Units From One Screen

Managing franchise operations is a breeze with BrandWide’s franchise software. Connect all your units to corporate and manage critical information from one screen.

  • Bring all units under a single franchise software platform.
  •  Track critical information at country, multi-unit locations, and unit level.
  • Track renewal and expiration dates.
  • Share processes, templates, and leads with units.
  • Manage onboarding activities.
  • Manage projects and tasks.
  • Helpdesk to assist franchise owners when they need help.
  • Establish a franchise-community.

Franchise Compliance

Establish & Maintain Compliance Across Units

Establish compliance policies and ensure adherence to your policies using self-assessments or field visits.

  • Define your compliance policies.
  • Set up surveys and checklists to collect compliance data.
  • Have your units submit self-assessment forms.
  • Schedule field visits to locations.

Franchise Helpdesk

Support Your Units At Every Step

Help your units with a comprehensive franchise software helpdesk that tracks the entire support process from capturing support requests, assignment, escalation, and resolution.

  • Define step-by-step helpdesk process that matches the size of your support team.
  • Provide support using Brandwide’s franchise software from channels that your franchise owners use such as CRM, email, phone, and chat.
  • Guide franchise support reps through a defined support process from assignment to resolution.
  • Escalate or re-assign tickets if not resolved within a defined time-frame.
  • Record solutions and lookup common solutions from a library.

Royalty Management

Collect Royalties From Your Units

Process royalties and invoice your units for royalties and other fees.

  • Define a royalty percentage for each unit.
  • Collect monthly sales data and royalties owed from units.
  • Invoice your units every month for royalties and associated fees.

Our Customers Get Results

We needed a way to internally run our business so that franchisees didn’t have to … We chose the team at Soffront. It’s a full massive CRM, stronger on an enterprise level than others.
Brad Sugars

President & Founder, ActionCoach

We use BrandWide by Soffront to manage and communicate with our franchisees and customers across the globe.
Bill Poce

Director of Marketing, InXpress Americas

We chose BrandWide after a rigorous selection process. We look forward to using BrandWide to standardize our processes and improve collaboration between our locations.
Petter Nahed

President, Maid Green

Franchise Management Software

Frequently Asked Questions

A franchise management software is a software tool to manage your franchise operations. With such a tool, you will be able to administer all your franchise units from one place, onboard and train your units, Collect royalties, perform audits and ensure your franchisees are in compliance and measure franchise-wide KPIs.
BrandWide is the only solution to provide an integrated franchise system for both franchisors and franchisees. For franchisors, BrandWide offers a complete system to manage the entire franchise life cycle with all stages from development to onboarding to management. For franchisees, BrandWide offers a complete system for sales, marketing, customer service, reputation and review management to franchisees.
The key features of franchise management software are: - Franchise recruitment and sales - Franchise operations management - Onboarding and training - Field audit - Royalty management - Franchise helpdesk - Reports and dashboards
You can add and manage unlimited units. We have helped both emerging and established brands over the years who have added between 5 to 1,000 units.
Yes, we do. You can add documents and folders and share them as needed as needed with your franchisees.
Absolutely. You can automatically collect sales data from your units and calculate royalties based on predefined rules.
Yes, you can establish levels such as master franchisees, regions, countries, etc when you set up your units.
Manage the entire franchise life cycle with all stages from development to onboarding to management.
Our pricing is affordable and tailored to your unique needs. Please contact us at to enquire about pricing.
Yes, absolutely. Our implementation includes training and hands-on help.

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