Franchise Management Made Easy

Easy-to-use Franchise Management Software

BrandWide offers easy-to-use franchise development tools to recruit more franchisees, franchise
marketing tools to ensure brand consistency across the entire franchise, and franchise management
tools and dashboards to support, manage, and coach franchisees.

Franchise Management Software

The key to a Franchise’s growth and success lies with the individual franchisees. Whether you are a new Franchise starting to make your mark in the industry or an established Franchise brand, primary focus on the units leads to growth and increase in the bottom lines of the business.

Our Franchise Management Software is specifically built for Franchise businesses. Its dynamics are built to support the entire franchise life cycle. This includes the stages from development to onboarding to management. Thus, using this software helps you save time by automating the time-consuming works. This platform offers businesses, the liberty for easy customization. The brand is able to focus on specific activities for multiple regions/countries.

The scalable SaaS software is one of a kind that provides lead generation and managed to advertise for both franchisees and franchisors.

Generation of Qualified Leads

With BrandWide, you get the guarantee of the number of leads you get through our lead generation services.

We generate qualified leads through advertising and outreach. Our strategic approach consists of hyper-targeted audience set with cutting-edge technologies. This leads to generation of quality leads every month. As advertising can often be expensive and inefficient, our strategies will let you target audience using location, people nearby and more.

Effective CRM For Franchise Development

Franchise development is hard work.

However, with Franchise CRM, a franchisor gets the required tools to run the units effectively and without any hassle. Improve your close ratio with the following features:

  • Leads are captured into CRM from different sources.
  • Easy lead management with user friendly features and functionalities.
  • Calendars, task lists and reminders make everything easy to remember.
  • The CRM has built-in follow-up tools like SMS, phone calls and emails.
  • Prediction of sales forecasts are made accurately and tracking of sales pipeline is made easy.
  • Integration made possible with platforms like MS Office and G Suite for email and calendar.

Franchise Onboarding Made Efficiently

The Franchise Management Software makes onboarding of new franchisees with ease and confidence. It includes planning, training, task checklists, and project management.

The franchisor will be able to clearly define each step to the new units and get resourceful insights on the franchisee progress.

Franchise Success Stories

We needed a way to internally run our business so that franchisees didn’t have to … We chose the team at Soffront. It’s a full massive CRM, stronger on an enterprise level than others.

Brad Sugars

President & Founder, ActionCoach Business Coaching

Soffront is the most robust CRM I have seen by far for the investment. From entering my prospect information to moving them through the sales process, it is a time saver!

Brian Bleeke

Business Development Manager, InXpress


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