Make Your Franchise Units More Efficient & Profitable

Effective Franchise Management Platform

Connecting Corporate and Franchise Units Under One Platform


Onboard new franchisees on time with confidence and visibility


Ensure all franchisees use consistent sales and marketing processes.


Ensure consistent branding and messaging across franchisees.


Track aggregated sales and analytics across franchisees.


Eliminate fragmented CRM and marketing tools across franchisees.


Improve communication and information exchange among franchisees.


Ensure that all franchisees have access to up-to-date information.


Track compliance across franchisees.

Franchise Operations

Manage All Units From One Screen

Managing franchise operations is a breeze with BrandWide. Connect all your units to corporate and manage critical information from one screen.

  • Bring all units under a single platform.
  •  Track critical information at country, multi-unit locations, and unit level.
  • Track renewal and expiration dates.
  • Share processes, templates, and leads with units.
  • Manage onboarding activities.
  • Manage projects and tasks.
  • Helpdesk to assist franchise owners when they need help.
  • Establish a franchise-community.

Franchise Onboarding

Improve Onboarding Efficiency

Onboard new franchisees with confidence with visit planning, training, task checklists, and project management.

  • Define step-by-step onboarding plans for each new franchisee.
  • Manage construction and store opening projects.
  • Manage tasks, milestones, and documents.
  • Plan training and corporate visits.
  • Get complete visibility on progress.

Franchise Helpdesk

Support Your Units At Every Step

Help your units with a comprehensive helpdesk that tracks the entire support process from capturing support requests, assignment, escalation, and resolution.

  • Define step-by-step helpdesk process that matches the size of your support team.
  • Provide support from channels that your franchise owners use such as CRM, email, phone, and chat.
  • Guide franchise support reps through a defined support process from assignment to resolution.
  • Escalate or re-assign tickets if not resolved within a defined time-frame.
  • Record solutions and lookup common solutions from a library.

Franchise Collaboration

Improve Information Exchange Among Your Units

Improve communication and information exchange among franchise units by creating a community and a central place for communication between the units and corporate.

  • Establish a community site for franchise owners to share ideas and ask questions.
  • Engage owners by sharing news and updates.
  • Help owners find all the information they need from one central place.
  • Share ideas and best practices with owners.

Find Your Best and Worst Performing Units

With BrandWide, you will get real-time access to the sales and marketing data of your franchise units, allowing you to understand how your units are performing on an individual basis.

With our interactive reports, you can look at the data at various levels such as your corporate office, country and regional offices, and individual units.

You will be able to drill down and see the performance of individual units over a period of time or see how different regions compare to one another.

A Small Sample of Reports Included with BrandWide.
You Can Add Your Own.

Lead Generation

A summary of lead generation efforts by franchise units

Sales Activities

A summary of follow up activities by franchise units

Marketing Email Performance

A summary of marketing email open/click thru rate by franchise units

Lead Conversion

A summary of leads converted by franchise units

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasts with expected close dates by franchise units

Coaching Activities

A summary of your team’s coaching and training activities

Sales Pipeline

A summary of sales pipelines with stages by franchise units

Marketing Performance

A summary of sales close rate by franchise units

Royalty Commissions

Royalty payments from franchise units for a duration.

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