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Franchise Analytics

Know which locations are outperforming and which require attention

Find Your Best and Worst Performing Locations

With BrandWide, you will get real-time access to the sales and marketing data of your franchise locations, allowing you to understand how your locations are performing on an individual basis.

With our interactive reports, you can look at the data at various levels such as your corporate office, country and regional offices, and individual locations.

You will be able to drill down and see the performance of individual locations over a period of time or see how different regions compare to one another.

A Small Sample of Reports Included with BrandWide. You Can Add Your Own.

Lead Generation

A summary of lead generation efforts by franchise locations

Sales Pipeline

A summary of sales pipelines with stages by franchise locations

Sales Activities

A summary of follow up activities by franchise locations

Marketing Performance

A summary of sales close rate by franchise locations

Lead Conversion

A summary of leads converted by franchise locations

Sales Forecasting

Sales forecasts with expected close dates by franchise locations

Coaching Activities

A summary of your team’s coaching and training activities

Marketing Email Performance

A summary of marketing email open/click thru rate by franchise locations


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