All-in-one Franchise Solution

Consolidate Many Tools You Are Currently Using With BrandWide

BrandWide provides franchise solutions for the entire franchise life cycle with all stages from development to onboarding to management.

Everything you need to grow your brand and make your units successful in one integrated franchise solution.

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BrandWide Franchise Management Solutions

Franchise Software

Franchise Marketing

Outreach effortlessly using emails, texts, calls, and social posts.

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Franchise Sales

Automate your franchise recruitment process and convert more leads.

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Onboarding & LMS

Implement a consistent onboarding and training process for new units.

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Franchise Management

Manage all franchisee information from one central place.

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Royalty Management

Automatically calculate royalties based on sales data and invoice franchisees.

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Compliance & Audits

Ensure your franchisees are in compliance with field and self audits.

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Shared Library

Share documents and sales & marketing assets with franchisees.

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Franchise Helpdesk

Support your franchisees with a complete support helpdesk.

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Franchise-wide Analytics

Collect data from franchisees and measure franchise-wide KPIs.

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