Our Mission – Franchisee Success

We believe success of individual franchisees is the key to your Franchise brand’s success and growth. Whether you are an established brand with thousands of units around the world or a new a brand starting out, we believe, your primary focus should be to see that your units are successful businesses with growing top and bottom lines.

At BrandWide, our focus is the franchisee’s success. While our products and services help franchisors to streamline franchise sales, increase operational efficiencies, and manage brand consistency, we believe, it is the success of each franchisee that ultimately determines whether the brand will be a success or a failure.

Our History – Gain from Our Experience of 25+ Years

BrandWide is a product of Soffront Corporation – specifically created and marketed for the Franchise businesses.

Before Soffront, there was no CRM. Soffront innovated CRM in 1992, more than 25 years ago.

Since the inception, we have helped thousands of Small, Medium and Franchise businesses with an all-in-one and easy-to-use cloud software platform with managed digital marketing services, lead generation, and 24/7 customer service.

After working with global franchise brands such as ActionCOACH and InXpress for many years, we launched our Franchise Management platform and managed services to help other emerging and established brands and their franchisees.

The success of individual franchisees is the key to the success and growth of your brand

– Manu Das, President and CEO

Why BrandWide?


BrandWide is built specifically for franchise businesses with the help of franchisors, CFEs, and Franchise consultants


BrandWide supports the entire franchise life cycle with all stages from development to onboarding to management


BrandWide integrates with other third party systems at no cost to you


BrandWide offers 24/7 support and ZERO implementation cost


BrandWide is easy to use and saves you time by entering data only once


BrandWide is easy to customize for your specific brand for multiple countries/regions


BrandWide is the only platform that offers a complete system for sales, marketing, customer service, reputation and review management to franchisees


BrandWide connects all franchisees in a single network with complete visibility, performance dashboards, and analytics


BrandWide is the only platform that provides managed advertising and lead generation for franchisors and franchisees


BrandWide provides unique tools to franchisees to grow their business


BrandWide SaaS platform is scalable to support thousands of franchisees


BrandWide is constantly evolving and innovating as we work with each brand

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