Move your franchise operations to different level using franchise software system

For any business to sustain, they need to be able to access multiple resources without any kind of operational obligation. Visionary franchisors are always looking for ways to boost their revenue in this booming industry, but they need to understand the value of integrating a comprehensive system for their business. This feature is possible only with a franchise software system, that will give franchisors with the freedom to access a range of resources, thereby franchisees and their customers across the glove to remain in touch with them. The rightly built franchise software doesn’t just ensure solid ROI but also helps to enhance business management and cooperation with various franchise units across the globe.

Franchising has made quite a popularity in various parts of the world now. Despite its growing arguments over its success percentage, the growth is evident in the number of emerging franchises. Ranging from a variety of segments, the franchise business model employs more than 7.9 million workers and is accountable for more than 760 billion US dollars. It shows with the right idea the potential franchises can have a guaranteed ROI.

If you still don’t impress how a franchise software can improve your franchise business! Refer to the six notable reasons of why you should have a franchise software system, that is uniformly beneficial for all emerging franchisors and franchisee units.

Let’s have a look at them:

List of challenges solved by a franchise software solution

Get rid of administrative layback

In a franchise business, most of invoicing, sales, orders and other data entry tasks are typically done manually. This is a highly inefficient method, as there is a high chance of making data error. It happens due to increased deal of paper draft, which imposes a great deal of unintentional burden on your HR, sales team on board. With a franchise software system, things will not be the same. You can easily organize your documents digitally and keep it stored within a streamlined position with ease.

Managing multiple contact database

Related to the organizational burden, there exists the challenge of maintaining a never-ending list of contact information, managing employee records and other important information in an effective and easy to access way. At the same, your device looks like a dirty device piled up with a pool of unorganized mess, that makes it difficult for you to find any important things instantly. Particularly, when you need something to follow up or check out important information. And with multiple people working in a single database, including your franchise development and marketing team, it’s made it more difficult to find the right file you’re looking for. The very first step to getting rid of this is to automate their process and get rid of manually merging your contacts into one. This is possible with a franchise software system that helps to keep all your relevant database in one unified platform and ensures that all your contact is appropriately synced with the sales funnel.

To boost the motivation of a franchisor

There are enough challenges that lie in a franchise business, where franchisor need to be heedful of their franchise units, amidst the hassles. This is natural for them to manage all the things as they are in charge of all things. The best franchise software system extends several aspects of enterprise resource planning for all your franchisees. Using a franchise software, a franchisor will be able to have their own comprehensive software to manage their supply, sales and workforce. Added to this they will also be able to store a vast range of data to bring in to their much-needed help in terms of sales prediction and management of inventory.

Lower your data entry work and get more time developing your business

As an all in one solution, BrandWide’s franchise software system is exclusively is tailored to cut down repeated task by organizing common data points across all segments. This means the market campaign investment will automatically get updated in your report without the need of opening two different programs for checking the data. At the same time, you can integrate your software with billing, sales, orders information to save your back-office tasks. Not just that, cutting down the repetitive works in this way allows you with some more time to interact with potential customers and focus on core business areas.

Take the mess out of scheduling tasks

No matter, whether you’ve got a set of members being absent or out for a field visit that requires your hand on the deck. How do you manage all of it at this time? Simply, by using a franchise operating system that makes scheduling task easy like a breeze, helping you to create and allocate tasks to anyone from any device. Also, it helps you to effortlessly inform your customers about upcoming meetings or notify your staffs about the sudden change in schedules.

Brand Compliance and Consistency

On average it, take at least 6-7 brand impression to make your consumer remember your brand. Have you ever imagined what happens when every impression tells a different tale? Developing trust amongst your valued customers is a real struggle, particularly while building customer loyalty. That seems almost impossible. That’s the reason why most of the franchisors strive to continuously enhance the brand consistency of a franchise business. This can be done using a franchise software system, that helps to keep everyone on the same page of the franchise context. A user-oriented and cloud centered software can deliver a seamless platform for brand consistency and compliance.

Final thoughts

So, you see that keeping your franchise business organized and well managed requires time and efforts, but with a franchise software, it’s worth the investment. It does not only assure that you can interact with your customers and staffs effectively, but it allows you get informative insights into your sales, customers and other areas of business progress just when you need it.

If you’re looking for a franchise software system or Customer management system for your emerging franchise. Don’t hesitate to contact BrandWide and learn more about our software.

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