It is difficult to find time to analyze the hiring process and recognize the areas of improvement. At the same time, recruiting staff for a franchise location can be challenging. Hence, as a franchisor, you need to learn to use best practices for recruitment to ensure the long term success of your franchise development software. 

For any franchise business, recruiting and retaining the right candidates can make a huge difference between a developed franchise business and an emerging one. So, you must adopt smart strategies stepping into the latest hiring trends that can help you find qualified franchisees fit for any role. 

Now you must be thinking, how you can develop an efficient process of recruitment aimed at finding, recruiting, and hiring onboarded franchise candidates for your franchise? Consider franchise development software. 

If you’re looking for software that can uniquely benefit your business growth, a franchise development system can always save your business by turning it effective. Take a close look at the features it offers:

  • You can easily automate your sales process
  • Know what’s working and what’s not working for your franchise
  • Never miss another appointment using a calendar, task lists, and reminders.
  • Predict your sales forecasts accurately and track your sales pipeline.
  • Onboard new franchises on time with complete confidence and insightful visibility

Not convinced yet, let’s dig deeper into the benefits that franchise development software has to offer.

Understandably, at first, addressing the task of retaining and training newly onboarded franchise staff may seem hectic. But once you break every process into multiple steps, things become easier. The best way to start your recruitment is to recognize your business needs and then leverage the software that helps figure out franchise-specific activities to assist your hiring and HR needs. 

See how you can adopt the best franchise recruitment practices

Leverage on software for effective franchise hiring

You’ve invested a huge amount of money, as you want to get it done quickly. Only a turnkey franchise development software can save time for franchisors while providing the necessary tools you need. An effective franchise management platform helps to automate your franchisee recruitment process. It’s never more important to utilize technology. You simply can not compete for the topmost franchise candidate in the market without using the software. You’ve got to train your entire franchise business before you can start rolling in profit, but of course, you need the best-in-class technical tools. The software will enable you to sort through multiple applicants simultaneously. 

The onboarding system is also crucial for franchise staff, as the initial few months are critical for success. 

Source the appropriate candidates 

Franchise development and growth depends on your capability to intensify the success of the franchisee. But you need to retain qualified candidates for that. Do you have a process and tools in place to organize and support your franchise retaining? As a franchisor, you’re going to need a talent management system that is ideally a part of your franchise CRM platform, which is built especially for franchising that helps you dynamically source candidates according to their capabilities. At the same time, franchise development software offers your team on board with the necessary tools to convert your prospects into partners. 

No more losing track of franchise leads

Growing a franchise needs constantly hiring new franchisees through franchise development activities. To do this, you’ll probably need initiation of marketing campaigns and organizing your leads through consistent follow up through email and phone calls. But do you know what your prospects are willing to purchase? If you’re not organized properly for franchise recruitment, you could be missing the best opportunities, which may lead to a lost partnership. Moreover, poorly organized and missed chances can put your franchise success at risk. 

Implementing franchise management software with an integrated franchise development system can help you manage your leads and callbacks easily while allowing you to track each candidate throughout your sales funnel. 

No more missing job booking options 

If your franchisees are not properly planning their service delivery responsibilities, they’re surely missing out on a major growth opportunity in lost jobs. For instance, your franchisees may end up retaining additional sales service staff when they do not have the capacity for additional resources. What would you do, if they squeeze in some extra staff? Without proper measurement and software support, it may be difficult to figure out. 

Use source planning and lead mapping tools to optimize and allocate routes to your team and minimize hectic travels. 

Look forward to more

Now if you think your franchise is starting to slow down, don’t procrastinate more get BrandWide’s franchise development software for field service business so that you can consolidate the best recruitment and retaining practices. A solution that helps you achieve success, strengthen your franchise, and boost success. To find out how you can benefit request a demo!


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