Companies who franchise their company sites around the nation and the world have special needs for their franchisees to learn and prepare. An increasing number of these businesses are understanding how franchises require systems of learning management in the digital era of the 21st century. Even so, the potential of e-Learning within a learning management system (LMS) is not leveraged by a surprising number of franchises to minimise costs and streamline learning and preparation practises through geographically scattered areas. When it comes to educating prospective franchise owners and their employees, franchises have many challenges. They may have hundreds of stores under the company’s umbrella for big companies. Even one minor shift may have a substantial effect. Training and reporting can be made more effective with a learning management system (LMS). Now is the time to reap the rewards of implementing the proper LMS for further franchises.

LMS for newly on-boarded franchisees

The value of a well-developed franchise model lies primarily in the streamlined approach to running each venue. If done properly, this ensures that consumers at each place should expect the same service, no matter where it is in the world. The challenge is that there are no facilities available for new and/or smaller franchises to set up the kind of corporate training centres that many of the larger franchises enjoy. You’d be shocked by how much time and money small franchises waste on flying to train them to run a location for new franchisees.

Learning Management System

By finding out the aspects of initial preparation are better performed in person and which can be conveniently achieved by an LMS by eLearning, these costs will be drastically decreased. And before a prospective franchisee formally signs a franchise agreement, the LMS could provide them with access to certain aspects of business learning and training materials. This will allow them to know enough about what is in store to advise their final judgement about whether to pursue an arrangement. Another value of the new or small franchisee implementing an LMS is the simplicity with which additional or continuing training is offered as required. When a franchise is relatively young, and more on-the-ground experience is obtained and more franchisees joining the system and opening stores, it is possible that there will be some modifications and improvements to operational procedures.

LMS for franchise training

Also, big, well-established franchises require systems of learning management, but in some ways the situation is a little bit different. Larger franchises are most likely to have one or more training centres to which, for initial training, new franchisees fly. Having new franchisees go through a whole week or two of introductory training sessions at the corporate training centre is not unusual for a large franchise scheme. The most critical facets of such in-person preparation could, however, be completed over the span of a four-day weekend. The rest of it could easily be done with an LMS by e-Learning. Given the crucial role of learning and preparing for the continued progress of each venue, the kind of knowledge you get back from a comprehensive LMS is also indispensable. It is an LMS that provides a franchise corporation with the resources required to get the job done, from understanding who has completed training to input on certain training courses to assessing whether the learning and training systems are getting the expected business success outcomes.

Standardize the Training

As a franchisor, the job is to ensure that the rules and regulations to work under the brand are met by all new franchisees. Anything from signs and working hours to work uniforms may be limited to meeting the rules of the parent organisation. When new franchisees come onboard, they must read and understand these conditions before committing to them. An LMS will make it easier to standardise new franchise owners’ training. So that anyone can use it and read it for themselves, you can put the guidebook on the device.

Learning Management System

Implementation of New Rules

It must move with the times in order to keep a company important. In a chain, even one shift may be complicated when thousands or even hundreds of locations must follow suit to conform with the parent corporation. It is time-consuming and maybe even impractical to manually edit any guidebook. You can make changes to the rules and regulations right in the material for an online LMS and everybody can have access to the updates. With the specifics of the updates, you can also set the device to send out emails. You will get notice about your own information while anyone checks the notifications.

Effective Management

It can be complex to handle multiple franchises from a distance. An LMS does, however, make it simple and effective. You will have access to the content they need to learn when new franchise owners come on board. They will ask questions by messages and mention when the analysis is done. When new hires are recruited by franchise firms, such persons can obtain access to and read the same content that is important to them.

Bottom line

The learning management system helps to improve the overall efficiency and working of the franchise. No matter the size of the franchise, the learning management system is required by all franchises. If you are interested to have one, contact us and try out a demo today.

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