Carpet cleaning scheduling software can be fully integrated with sales and marketing, accounting, inventory tracking, estimates generation, CRM, and several other essential tools needed to ensure your carpet cleaning business runs successfully.

A robust and easily customizable carpet cleaning scheduling software package comes to the aid of your business operations in the sense that you can put uninterrupted focus on genuinely important things such as increasing sales, expanding your business, and improving customer service.

Read on to be aware of seven key benefits of carpet cleaning scheduling software

  • It helps make your business go mobile

It’s already known well, those professionals who deal with carpet cleaning and care are on the go most of the time. With scheduling software’s built-in mobile app they’re able to carry all the necessary tools to the field.

The integral mobile app of carpet cleaning scheduling software helps keep the technicians abreast of the schedule of their work as well as the needs of the clients. The mobile app enables them in taking notes, modifying quotes right from the field, completing jobs, and edit and upload job completion forms in customized PDF layouts. The app also allows technicians to capture photos associated with each job, take the signature of the client, generate bills and invoices, and do the processing of payments.

The quintessential GPS tracking feature of the mobile app instructs technicians to move on to the next job once they’re thru with the current one. With the mobile app running seamlessly on both Android and Apple devices you get every piece of information handy.

  • It helps in mapping and optimizing routes

Any carpet cleaning scheduling software is endowed with compulsory mapping features that lend you a helping hand in determining the shortest or most optimal routes, finding out the time needed while traveling between jobs, and identifying the most suitable technician who can be assigned with a specific job.

With the mapping features in tow, you can make recommendations on booking jobs depending on the exact location of your crew. In this manner, you can reduce the roundtrip times between two successive jobs and amplify overall productivity.

More importantly, mapping tools incorporated within carpet cleaning scheduling software enable you to daily carry out route optimization for each of the technicians thereby saving substantial time and bringing down the fuel consumption bill for your business. Moreover, perchance, if an employee can be assigned an extra job on a particular day you experience more time saving which in turn increases your profits.

Brandwide - Carpet Cleaning Scheduling Software

Brandwide – Carpet Cleaning Scheduling Software

The built-in mapping tools generally work in tandem with Google Maps, MapQuest, and Yahoo Maps.

  • It makes use of a GPS tracking feature to find out the precise location of your employees

With carpet cleaning scheduling software by your side, you can accurately keep track of the movement of your employees. You can truly know the time at which they report at the workplace. With the integrated mobile app it’s possible to note and mark the location of all employees every five minutes.

The app lets you know when the employee arrives at the job site. Correspondingly the location is recorded by the GPS tracking functionality. This implies the actual presence of an employee at the job site can always be verified. It can likewise prove helpful to show to a client that your employee was the client’s location during a certain instant of time. The GPS tracking tools that are embedded in the mobile app provide unique capabilities that can be found in more expensive systems.

  • It helps track the health of equipment and maintain it

Carpet cleaning scheduling software is fortified with an equipment tracking module with the help of which you can monitor the location of equipment at any given instant of time. For example, if you forget to take heaters or fans at a client site after job completion, the incident can be recorded in the equipment tracking module. As a consequence, you’ll be automatically notified to go back and retrieve the equipment once a specific user-defined time has elapsed.

Thus, utilizing the equipment tracking module you can at all times get to know the exact whereabouts of your carpet cleaning tools and assets. Furthermore, you can put the maintenance record of each piece and part of the equipment on surveillance.

  • It helps reach out to prospects and clients with effective marketing efforts

Carpet cleaning scheduling software ensures that marketing and its intrinsic components such as campaigns, promotions, etc. aren’t really guessing games in particular when the software is equipped with a consolidated email module to assist managers in scheduling jobs. You can effortlessly create email marketing campaigns for promoting your services to prospects and existing customers, converting leads, or emailing your promotions to a select few contacts. This can be accomplished with the help of pre-set email marketing templates. Alternatively, you can create and customize your own by using Microsoft Word.

The software facilitates sending reminder cards to every customer in a periodic fashion. Brochures and instructional documents involving the fundamentals of carpet cleaning, odor control, spot removal, and several other services can be shared with customers in the interim. While sending emails the software helps in defining various customer or prospect categories and shares the relevant documentation with them via emails.

A noteworthy feature of carpet cleaning scheduling software is that it sends out reminders to customers about the last cleaning they had through email every 6 months or any other duration as specified in the software setting. Such reminders help renew the prospects of customers returning to you and seeking your services again. It’s been found that customers value such thoughtful reminders and this aspect increases the likelihood of you receiving bookings for more services.

  • It helps provide valuable insights with sales productivity reports

The scheduling manager lets you find out the performance of your cleaning business by submitting a variety of real-time sales-focused reports. From the reports sales categorized as per sources can be analyzed. It helps you to ascertain the advertising techniques that bring maximum new customers. Not just the source, carpet cleaning scheduling software also can carry out in-depth sales analysis based on factors such as work type to specifically figure out the most profitable services offered by your business. To determine the performance of your sales force the scheduling manager allows you to do a break-up analysis on proficiency levels exhibited by salespersons and decide the number of commissions to be paid to each of them as well as referring agents.

When it comes to a carpet cleaning business the extent of up-selling of offered services done by your technicians is an important factor is well establishing your business prospects. In order to determine that the software comes of help in running and comparing Actual vs. Budget reports with respect to estimations that were carried out initially.

  • It helps provide accurate payroll processing functionality

Working with carpet cleaning scheduling software is advantageous in the sense that it puts all details on record which include the following.

  • The employees working on the job

  • The time involved in completion of the job

With this information in tow, the software helps calculate the payroll simultaneously. The software’s scheduling manager also calculates wage payments based on the below-mentioned criteria.

  • The number of hours spent on work

  • The amount of commission applicable

  • The number of carpets cleaned

Carpet cleaning scheduling software can manage all these and much more. Once every payroll period is over, the software allows you to generate a report that gives information on the total amount paid to employees or sub-contractors. It also produces profitability reports that do an analysis of gross pay per job vis-à-vis the charged amount.

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