Franchise software can be a better solution if you want to expand your brands through the distribution of your products and services. They can improve the management of all of your franchisees and give you the greatest services and tools. There are many franchise management software options available, but selecting the right one for your company can be difficult.

Many successful brands and enterprises utilize Brandwide as their most popular and most used software. If you use Brandwide as your franchise management software, you will reap numerous benefits. You will learn why you should choose it with the help of this article.

What exactly is Brandwide?

This program was created specifically to help franchisees succeed. It’s a product of Soffront Corporation, which pioneered customer relationship management (CRM) in 1992. As a result, Brandwide has assisted thousands of small and large businesses in establishing themselves.


Here comes the list of advantages of choosing Brandwide:

  • Saves Your Time

It includes sales and marketing automation technologies that benefit both franchisors and franchisees. All of your franchisees use the data entry forms and automated tools. As a result of their collaboration on a shared platform, they produce better outcomes and require less time to use this program.

It also allows you to send invoices and estimates straight to your customers. It also enables you to sign documents more quickly with an electronic signature, allowing you to close deals with your clients in less time.

  • Requirement of Documentation

Maintaining and keeping all of your records on paper is complex, and it’s nearly impossible if your business has multiple franchises. As a result, Brandwide assists you in keeping track of all of your important papers as well as sales, inventory, and client information.

It also includes a franchise library, allowing your franchisees to obtain the information they need in less time. It also sorts and categorizes your data according to your preferences. Your data is also kept safe and secure by Brandwide.

  • Marketing Strategy

Brandwide provides you with the best marketing tools, allowing you to attract more customers and expand your business on a large scale. This software’s most advantageous feature is that it includes social media marketing.

It initiates you to contact your customers directly via SMS or e-mail to convey fresh information, such as the launch of a discount, offer, or new product.

It allows your post to be shared on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Google, among other prominent social networking apps and websites. You can also preview content before uploading it on these types of social networking programs or websites. It also quickly follows up on leads if somebody is looking for or searching for your products or services on social media.

  • Client’s help desk or support

By utilizing the helpdesk provided by this program, Brandwide assists all of your franchise owners. It’s simple to use and maintain, keeping track of all complaints and solutions. It also helps franchisees in re-creating tickets for their difficulties if the problem is not resolved within the time frame.

Because all complaints are stored in a central database, it also keeps you informed about any product or service concerns in any location. You can improve this by taking the necessary steps.

  • Financial Inputs

All of your payments are managed by Brandwide. It supplies all of your franchise’s branches with all of the important facts about your charges, such as rate structures, dates, and mandatory rules. With this software, you may access all the latest information about your franchise’s sales and performance. With the use of this data, you may identify your top and worst-performing franchises.

You can send weekly or monthly invoices to your franchisees depending on your billing policy with its automated capabilities. It also maintains track of all payments and notifies you when one is due or has failed. You may also more correctly predict your sales forecasts using this program.

  • Beneficial to franchisees

This software benefits franchisors, but it also aids franchisees in managing their businesses and achieving greater results. It enables them to save all of their client interaction data. It also includes a function that allows them to send any type of newsletter, broadcast, or newsletter to their customers.

It gives franchisees completely automated capabilities to acquire all the information about any leads from any social media platform. And it assists them in tracking, analyzing, and reacting to leads. It assists you in scheduling appointments with fresh leads and serves as a reminder to ensure that you do not miss any planned appointments or meetings. You may get all of the information about leads in one click, including their name, contact information, and address.

  • LMS franchise management system

LMS stands for Learning Management System. It’s a Brandwide-provided online learning management system for all of your employees and franchisees. It permits you to keep track of all trainee training processes. It also perfects the training by determining the various degrees of duties based on the qualifications of your employees.

Furthermore, Brandwide offers quizzes to keep learners involved and points and badges for completing tasks.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Software

More About It

With the support of various third-party systems like Microsoft Outlook and Google G Suite for managing calendars and e-mails, DocuSign for electronic signatures and document exchange, and POS and QuickBooks for managing all bills, you’ll achieve the finest results.

Bottom Line

So, what do you have to lose? Make an appointment at right now to start growing and expanding your brand. With this automated and simple-to-use software, you can lessen the stress of managing all of your clients and franchisees. It makes no difference if you are an established brand or a fresh startup; it will guide you in the right direction and provide you with superior solutions and outcomes.

Therefore, you must choose the accurate cloud-based franchise software to make your daily tasks easy to handle and operate. Brandwide is the best one of all. So check about the brand on the internet now.

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