The architecture of franchise software was created with franchisors in mind. The significance of Brandwide’s cloud-based solution for both franchisees and franchisors is discussed in today’s column.

What Is the Benefit of Cloud-Based Franchise Software?

The franchise software programs run on pooled computing resources over the internet, making them cloud-based. Remote data centers house these resources.

Cloud technology has been utilized across the company to increase efficiency, security, and brand consistency and simplify scalability and boost corporate growth. You’ll save money as well.


  • Cloud-Based Software Reduces Upfront Costs

Unlike traditional computing infrastructure, cloud-based franchise software is usually leased month to month rather than purchased all together and maintained on-site. This is less expensive for the franchise software provider–in part because you only pay for what you use–and it allows us to pass the savings on to you by giving lower upfront prices than traditional software solutions.

Brandwide also combines the capabilities of multiple renowned software packages, reducing your franchise software expenditures to a monthly fee that you can afford.

  • Low-cost, Low-Downtime Cloud-Based Software

Cloud computing can be maintained and updated remotely with a few mouse clicks, obviating the need for frequent hardware repairs and replacements. In addition, you may obtain all of your IT assistance directly from the Brandwide data center, which lowers labor costs and speeds up response times for all IT services.

Less franchise software downtime means less productivity loss.

  • Cloud-Based Franchise Software Streamlines The Setup Process

Forget about transporting towers, monitors, and keyboards. Logging onto your secure cloud franchise software server from any device with an internet connection is all it takes to set up new offices or workstations.

  • Scaling a Franchise is Easier With Cloud-Based Franchise Software

As your company’s computing or storage demands change, you can easily increase the amount of cloud service and module access you require with Brandwide. Simply contact our team with your request, and everything will be taken care of remotely. Furthermore, the ability to access the system from anywhere makes it simple for businesses to scale and expand geographically–the internet, even if your office hardware isn’t, is everywhere.

  • Security is Enhanced Via Cloud-Based Franchise Software

Brandwide users may rest easy knowing that their data is completely secure, backed up on a remote server, and backed up again in the event of a calamity. That ensures your digital assets remain unaffected by flooding, fires, or another hardware failure. In the event of a calamity, you may easily go to a local library, internet cafe, personal computer, or even your smartphone for the day, sign in, and get back to work!

  • ‘Brand Consistency’ Is Made Easier With Cloud-Based Franchise Software

Maintaining consistency across your franchisees might be difficult, but cloud-based franchise software makes it much easier. With just a few clicks, you can synchronize brand marketing text, training materials, limited-time promotional campaign runs, and other branded franchise materials. You can also store all pertinent reference documents on your private cloud-based intranet server, which franchisees can access whenever they need to double-check something.

Therefore, you must always choose the best franchise management software to operate your business and take it to the next level. It is important to invest your money in the right place. So choose Brandwide.

Meetbrandwide - Franchise Software

Meetbrandwide – Franchise Software

What are the Advantages of Franchise Software For The Franchisor?

After briefly reviewing some of the basic advantages of cloud-based franchise software, this part will focus on the Brandwide solution’s franchisor-specific features.

This is what matters most. After all, most generic retail software solutions will suffice for single-unit franchisees. Franchisees want franchise-specific tools and capabilities to help them manage their supply chains and business systems across the country. So, when looking for franchise software, pay particular attention to the franchisor benefits–these are the elements that make or break the software.

  • Franchisors Can Use Franchise Software to Optimise Their Inventory And Supply Chains

Brandwide provides franchisors with complete corporate-level inventory insight, allowing you to assess and manage your franchise resources quickly.

We’re always looking for methods to automate things, so we provided franchisees with the option of automating inventory management based on the predefined minimum and maximum inventory levels.

This automatic stock replenishment method can be used across the whole franchise network, resulting in important historical data on individual franchisees that can aid long-term planning and budgeting. This automated replenishment method also allows the franchisor to spend more time manually evaluating, interpreting, and synthesizing data for improved management results.

  • Conflict-free, Real-Time Software Monitoring of Franchisees

Franchisees must closely monitor the performance of each franchise site to identify possible possibilities, avoid risks, and address any sales issues. Hovering over your franchisees’ shoulders, on the other hand, isn’t the solution–in fact, by causing workplace conflicts, this invasive management approach can harm morale and impair production. Physically monitoring individual franchisees is also time-consuming, whether in person or through previous reports.

To be honest, most franchisors have more important things to accomplish than micromanage individual locations–for example, growing the brand!

More About It

Franchisees can track the performance of individual franchise units in real-time using any internet-connected device. To discover issues and define smarter management goals, compare sales and supply chains.

When you’re ready to take action, use our internal message system to contact the franchise owner directly, and include reports and dashboard readouts to back up your claims. If you think the franchise owner needs to brush up on their training materials, you can send them to them right away and track their progress through the module you’ve assigned.

You can also use historical data to discover problems early, spread out in-person inspections, and make them more efficient and effective when they’re needed.


It is critical to have the best franchise development software for your business to succeed. Indeed, we are specialists when it comes to delivering franchise development software for a wide range of franchises in a variety of industries here at Brandwide. This year, you should make an effort to invest in franchise development software that will be advantageous to your organization.

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