Previously we discussed the essential tools for marketing your franchise.  Now that you are aware of the tools you need to market your franchise, are you ready or do you have the expertise to implement them yourself???  Probably not…this is where managed marketing services come into play and why you should consider investing in it.

First, what is managed marketing service of MMS? Managed Marketing Services (MMS) provides a company with everything needed to create, implement, execute, and maintain a successful marketing plan. In addition, with MMS businesses are typically given access to a marketing team to implement this plan.

In a recent report, The Gartner Marketing Organizational Design and Strategy Survey, Gartner exposed, “…a lack of internal team coordination, a skills gap and other shortcomings prevented marketing leaders from delivering business outcomes that match expectations.”

After all, most businesses or franchisees don’t have the expertise in-house to deliver on the latest and greatest in digital marketing. MMS is ideal to grow and scale your franchise.

Benefits of Managed Marketing Services

Saves You Time

If time were an unlimited commodity, then you might be more inclined to keep your marketing strategy in-house. However, time is a finite resource, and it is never more precious than in businesses.

With MMS you are freeing up time that you can spend working on the core of your franchise. As an entrepreneur, it’s imperative that you focus your efforts leading your business, not running day-to-day functions. For your team as well, it makes sense for them to focus on their core roles, not get distracted by tweeting or blogging.

Even if you are currently thinking of employing an in-house marketing executive, it’s likely that outsourcing would still save you time. Having to manage and train an employee is likely to take more time than coordinating marketing efforts through an outsourcing arrangement.

Saving time isn’t just good for business – it’s good for you. Make sure you invest in yourself and your work-life balance. Keeping healthy will ultimately give you more energy to work on your business and its future potential.

Saves You Money

Of course, second only to the commodity of time is money. Another valuable asset in the world of business that you need to protect and conserve.  With MMS you get an experienced marketing team. This is a tremendous savings compared to hiring a marketing person or team.

A Well-Defined ROI… With Less Responsibility

With MMS you are essentially entrusting responsibility for this function of your franchise. Handing over your marketing strategy to us a big weight off your shoulders. Not only is it good for your business health but doing this also gives you extra business security. As an external marketer, we are bound to deliver you marketing services with results.

Utilizing MMS means that you will be guided by a team of experts. There could be channel or tactic you hadn’t thought of yet that would be perfect for your franchise.

Be Inspired By Fresh Ideas

Many minds are always better than one. You get to work with an experienced team that can help you go even further than your current strategy.  Not only do you benefit from an external partner, but you’ll get the minds of many great creatives working on your brand.

Getting Started

If you’re already thinking about getting some help with your marketing, that’s probably a good sign that you’re ready. From saving time and money to discovering new ideas and tools, Partnering with BrandWide for your marketing strategy makes a lot of sense for a growing a franchise.

BrandWide offers all these tools and more.  We are is an established CRM, marketing automation and digital marketing firm that has helped thousands of businesses in all sectors including franchises. These services go hand-in-hand and are becoming increasingly important for franchises. For more information visit or call 1-800-763-3766.


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