Once you have charted out digital marketing for your business it’s time to grow further and expand your brand to the universe. The best path to travel on the road of greater growth is with franchise marketing. It’s a win-win situation for both the franchisor and the franchisee. For the latter, it is good from the angle of entrepreneurship.

The franchise marketing team is kind of extension of your team at the office. The franchise unit has the best franchise marketing platform for your brand and has the infrastructural setup of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) technology. They help to leverage the power of email marketing and social media to generate high quality leads for your brand. You can be assured of the smartest business intelligence from them and remain sure about your online reputation.

So, expansion drive-through franchise marketing will be ideal if you are eyeing enhanced footfall, brand growth, and revenue boost.

Franchise Marketing Done Right – Top 5 Tips

Franchise marketing needs to fall in place right from the start. It is important is to have a professional franchise marketing platform and skilled expert strategies to reach out to the targeted audience.

When you have franchise marketing to expand you need to have a double-edged approach. Besides thinking about marketing ways to attract consumers you need to assess whether the techniques adopted are ideal for franchise development. A good franchise marketing platform should ideally balance both these aspects.

Here are top five insider franchise marketing tips which will give you better focus and direction as to what you need to do.

Spreading Awareness about the Brand – the best way to achieve this is to garner the potential of media. You can strike a fine balance between the main business objectives as stated above.

Local media channels like newspapers and TV stations can work wonders because they are always on the lookout of something newsworthy, informative and relevant. Press releases and magazine publications can bring public focus on to your brand.

For franchise development building a healthy relationship with the media channels is equally important. You can create some interesting research-based articles on the current scenario of the franchise system or about your specific industry and share it across such channels so that public can find and love to read and share.

Go For More Online Reviews and Testimonials – Online reviews and customer testimonials stand in good stead because people tend to get more convinced about a product by good words about your business on the site and other web links.

Amazon and Google are the top guns because online reviews originating from such avenues give would-be buyers a great chance to view the experiences of the consumers who have already purchased the product or service. The highlight of such reviews is that they can never be botched, hence have better convincing power.

Testimonials are good from the angle of developing a franchise. More testimonials will bring more franchisees to your doors because they will already have a fair picture of the performances of existing franchisees you have and your corporate unit.

Create a Local Community and Beyond – It is not just about creating a community within the geographical confines, it is also about creating a group or community over the Internet to get in touch with the global audience. For instance, a community on Facebook can bring global focus on your brand and your franchise units.

When there’s a community formed, consumers can better learn and share knowledge about a business, hence boosting sales. Moreover, creating a community can earn greater benefits in boosting the local economy.

But when you need to step out of the local orbit, social media is the only solution. You can reach out and promote to a larger audience. To establish more franchise hubs beyond your corporate area, setting up social media campaigns will be the best thing to do. You can bring the targeted market and your products or services under one roof with promotional social media-based activities. You can create customized content for only those people who are socially active and show genuine interest in your industry. Follow it up with an email to nurture and take the relationship to the next level of sales funnel.

Reap the benefits of Search Engine Marketing – Your PPC (Pay-per-click) ads and SEO efforts can nourish your consumers and franchise development. SEM activities can divert qualified traffic to the most important web pages of your business. More and more people will come to know about your franchise location(s) through optimized information pages, thereby leading to the generation of more leads and ultimate conversion to buyers.

SEM efforts are conducive for franchise development too because more potential franchisees will be directed towards your franchise websites, thereby garnering potential leads. The only difference is the orientation of the ads. All search related content is made solely for the sake of the interested franchisees.

Take Advantage of Mobile Marketing – Mobile advertising seems to be the order of the day with millions using smartphones globally. As a business franchisor, you should target the local market with promotional campaigns designed for particular geographical areas (specifically in your franchise locations). Reach out to mobile users with interesting messages, gift coupons, and loyalty programs so that they are excited to buy a product or opt for a service from you.

It is Good to Adopt Software Technology

Sometimes it so happens that your franchisees find it hard to sell across your products and services. It becomes a tad bit difficult to help them out with your corporate digital marketing team. This is where franchise management software comes handy. This software features tool to support the local-based lead generating marketing activities of the franchise and gives you the opportunity to monitor the same. The key features of franchise management software are-

  • Workflow automation
  • Integration
  • Source Tracking
  • Campaigns
  • Reporting and Analytics

Spread out with the franchise and leave no stones unturned to utilize the best marketing practices to give each visitor a tailored experience to encourage return visits and purchases. Enhance customer loyalty with franchise marketing platform.

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