There are about 2.5 billion people worldwide utilizing mobile devices. Therefore, it’s no big surprise that businesses aplenty are being done while on the go.

Want to familiarize yourself with the ways franchise management software can help mobile franchises? Read on to learn more about how going mobile can help you add value and pliability to your business, stay well-organized and enjoy steady growth.

1. Manage your prime deliverables from anywhere

An all-embracing franchising management software, beyond the big-picture of its numerous franchise centric benefits, also appends a great deal of value to an individual franchisee. Here are a few things which business owners can do while on the go.

  • Resolving problems related to scheduling

A built-in field service management module helps create jobs, assign tasks or change shifts in all devices across the board. When the modification is over, you can instantly notify your employees and customers through text messages or email. Follow it up with a consistent real-time monitoring as to when the field rep confirms back.

  • Work completion sign-off and payment processing

The franchise management software comes to the succor of field reps in uploading images of the finished jobs, settling the customer sign-off on the completed job, preparing invoices for the services delivered and collecting the payment. All these can be achieved on a responsive mobile platform.

2. Grab your leads and thrive your brand while on the go

If franchise development is your central point of consideration, it’s crucial that you keep yourself informed about the various industry developments. Never be out of touch with any potential lead. Franchise management software offers increased mobility and resilience. Besides, it also enhances the efficacy of each of your franchise development efforts.

  • Keep your finger on the pulse of your business

A robust franchise software generates elaborate and informative pipeline reports. These are dispatched to you automatically via email. In this way, you can ensure not to miss an important metric. The schedule of the report delivery can be managed over different periodicity. Also, the reports are made available on any mobile device. This implies you’re just a few clicks away from the helm of your affairs.

Moreover, franchise management software generates instant alerts for every new lead. This facilitates a speedy contact mechanism. You need to rigorously expedite follow-up to amplify your conversion rates. Sometimes, even a delay in response by an hour can cost you a precious conversion. In case, you aren’t accessible via mobile, your availability comes to a close after business hours. That’s a serious problem.

  • Engender powerful lead generation at your fingertips

With a mobile app in place for your franchise business, you’re empowered with easy access to leads, contacts, details, and calendars while on the hop. You can effectuate device-specific cold lead conversions into entirely new franchisees.

You can utilize intuitive pipeline report generators and email builders to maximize efficiency. They capacitate you to create high-yielding lead generation campaigns, set up communication channels with your brokers, receive instantaneous notifications whenever a lead responds, trigger a follow-up message using the mobile app and archive all relevant correspondences. In this manner, you can come round wherever you left from and schedule meetings using built-in calendars. Everything without the need to switch apps.

3. Develop your centralized online booking facility

In a mobile franchise, one of the major factors that give rise to significant overheads is the booking process. The old-fashioned phone booking process is too time-consuming. So are the email communication chains. Both of them demand plenty of human effort. In addition, the franchise staffs aren’t always equipped to make customers aware of the complete ranges of services and sell them. For this, they need to keep themselves up to speed regarding the list of options and pricing plans.

When you set a centralized online booking facility in motion, mobile franchise houses enable customers to do bookings on their own. They initiate the process by selecting their location. This should link the bookings to the nearest local franchise. Following this, they choose the services they seek, in distinct separates. and get transparent price quotes immediately.

4. Provide a simpler administration of the franchise framework

The concept of online scheduling and booking is highly convenient. It’s both cost-effective and labor-saving on the part of both the franchisors and franchisees. This results in the origination of a lot of profit margin.

Here, you don’t need individual team members at each location. For them to wrap up bookings, their respective jobs appear on the calendar. Consequently, they fixate on finishing the jobs on time. According to rough estimates, an online booking mechanism saves nearly 90% of job booking costs vis-à-vis a system where handling booking requests are rounded off through a telecalling facility to a customer care.

This sort of proven business model helps make your franchise growth immensely scalable. Thus, at the time the franchisors offer turnkey solutions which incorporate booking and scheduling facilities, it becomes much simpler for newly onboarded franchisees to perceive the value and spontaneously buy-in.

5. Practise automated and paperless invoicing and billing

With the completion of a job, the franchisee can mark the job on their mobile device as done and sign out. After that, they can opt for any of the two options mentioned below to initiate the payment.

  • On-site payment
  • Dispatching invoice through an email containing the payment link

In both these cases, the process is bereft of any paperwork. It can simultaneously be tracked and put in the records of the franchisor and the franchisee alike for future reference.

In addition to the above-mentioned five key approaches to a seamless mobile franchise experience, you can as well, have an in-depth measurement and understanding of your sales performance. Of course, performance management doesn’t stop there. You can extract myriad reports that provide information about

  • Number of jobs done per rep
  • Number of jobs done per day
  • Amount of revenue generated per job.

All these reports can be made accessible to local owners or operators and the parent franchisor. With scores of various metrics being studied and evaluated, any potential weakness or threat can be discerned and addressed.

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