Garnering franchisee leads is key. And more importantly, garnering qualified leads – the ones that have the greatest likelihood to convert into sales. Or else, a great deal of money, time and effort is spent and frittered away in choosing the wrong candidates. Thus, a typical franchise CRM is definitely more than just a system to store and retrieve data. It can aid and abet your sales team bring about operational excellence and sustain it while converting franchise leads.

Read on to learn 6 ways by which you can power up your franchise lead generation efforts.

Defining your intended prospects

Knowing who you sell your products/services is imperative even before you start selling. A key component of any robust franchise sales and marketing strategy is the creation of franchisee buyer personas. Understand and define precisely the types of franchises that generate gainful results for your organization. In this context, building a targeted approach to find your qualified leads and spending your money at the right time and the right place becomes all-important. A meticulously created informative worksheet for your every franchisee buyer persona helps to reach out to the correct target audience.

Having a franchise recruitment website

Developing a dedicated website to recruit your franchisees is a choice that’s second to none. Candidates who ramble through a website should have the ability to grasp your brand’s appeal with engaging content, profound information and plain-sailing navigation. A professionally created website should offer guidance to prospects take part, register and complete an inquiry. At the same time, the website should furnish information about the next steps in a transparent manner. Also, depending on your franchisee buyer personas, a website that includes content discharging to these defined targets must do so in ways that are exact and clear. For instance, if a group of your franchisee personas comprises of millennials, make sure you’ve got content that elucidates the greatness that comes along with opportunities to adopt their spirit of entrepreneurship bereft of every risk that looms large when they start their business from scratch.

Boosting motivation with improved reporting

Your franchise CRM puts on record the day-to-day marketing efforts that produce leads. The integrated reporting facility helps your franchise monitor your team meetings, conference calls, nurturing processes etc. in a regular manner. All the information which these reports render can be accessed by anyone who’s authorized to do so. This allows unimpeded flow of vital data all through the franchise framework amidst absolute data security. Besides, there’s a lot of time and labor being saved in franchise communication. Rather than exchanging email chains, a team member can shoot a direct link containing germane information about prospect requests, deal records and more.

Collaborating with franchise development companies

Aiming to grow your franchise fast? Join forces with a suitable franchise development company. It works in tandem with your cross-disciplinary teams like operations, finance and sales to make your franchise thrive with steady growth. It pools resources from franchisors to invite qualified leads. It also forms a lasting alliance with candidates to help them discover a brand that’s perfect for them. A few development companies have the niche for certain franchise types. Do proper research to figure out a development company that’s right up your street.

Improving transparency with reports

A powerful franchise management software has all the necessary, built-in tools to transform marketing endeavors into worthwhile visuals. These can be examined and reviewed by the whole team. It’s also conceivable to generate unique reports to elaborately convey vital information within the team. With all these analytics and strategies permeated into your franchise CRM system, every one of your team members will be on the same page, be cognizant about the next course of action and holistically work for a common cause.

Leveraging with technology

With burgeoning growth in your franchise, the option to keep an eye on your leads with just spreadsheets becomes more troublesome. Thankfully, there are numerous franchise management software and development tools that help you expand your brand in an efficient and organized manner. The built-in technology handles all aspects involved in the process of engagement with franchisee candidates. A potent lead management system boasts of a franchise CRM that incorporates automated workflows, source tracking, status tracking, reporting & analytics, and email campaigns.

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