We all want to grow our business, right!

And, this is even truer when it comes to your franchise. As your brand grows so will the franchise locations. The importance of franchise management software makes more sense.

This is great news. But at the same time, there is another side to the coin. With franchise business growth there comes certain challenges and the most common of them is getting disorganized or disjointed along the way. This is a serious problem when franchise thrives on consistency and quality.

More locations and operations often cause sleepless nights to the franchisor. The question now arises, how to manage this problem? Definitely, excel sheets and other home-grown solutions are not the solutions a franchisor will be looking for.

Then what’s the solution??? Franchise Management Software!

Franchise management software will give a 360-degree insight into your franchise and help to organize, manage and grow.

The signs you are ready for new software

For Improved Visibility Of Units

When your franchise is in a growing phase, consequently your customer base will also grow. One of the most exciting developments for a business owner is to gain visibility with your customer base. Truly it is a rewarding time for your business as you are finally receiving the acknowledgment which you have so passionately sought. However, it is easy to get caught up in immediate demands and sway with the opportunities. Thus, there is no better time to create a centralized and automated process like franchise management software for lead management.

Implementing this will allow your sales team to purely concentrate on selling while you can focus on important franchise operations.

Lack In Persistent Growth

Improved visibility of business often means that growth is next on the list. Before you are ready, you may turn to 25 new locations in different cities from just a couple. Thus, when growth becomes unstoppable, a franchisor needs to make sure that it is growing the smart way. Continuous and fruitful communications with all your locations and vice versa become the need of the hour. Communications include individual reporting and analysis, help desk operations, development, compliance, and others are all a part of franchise management software.

Inconsistency In Brand

Your brand is how well you establish your business to the customers and how well they experience it. The cue here is, the experience needs to be the same across all locations. There is no place for variation. Thus, the key to success lies in controlling and eliminating such variations. Sometimes franchisors get so much caught up in operational works or growth of the brand that the focus on providing consistent products or services shifts. Experience with a product or service from a franchise should be the same across all channels whether in New York or Paris. Streamlining consistency is possible to achieve only through franchise management software. Often inconsistency and poor quality go hand in hand. This takes us to point number 4…

Low Quality Of Products And Services

Maintaining a brand is all about quality over quantity and this goes well for franchises as well. Offering truly great products and service through your franchise is counted as a crucial point in franchise success. Even growth is halted after a certain phase you fail to deliver quality offerings across all locations. When you have software in place, these little things do not lose focus even when you are caught up in between work. You can make sure that the products and services are as reliable and authentic as they can get.

Poor Process Of Training

Your employees represent your brand to the customers and employee training is indispensable to the long-term growth and success of your franchise. On the other hand, inadequate employee training is severe enough to bring down a brand. A brand is set apart from the rest through its uniformity in service and delivery of the products. This is achieved through uniformity in training across all franchise locations. A simple and centralized online training platform like franchise management software eases this process offering you better optimization of the training the staff.

Successfully managing a multi-unit franchise is challenging and the demand for growth and success makes it even more crucial. Paying attention to these signs makes you ready for the next level leap in your franchise business through the implementation of franchise management software. It condenses several operational and marketing processes into one single platform, making it a simple business for the franchisor to track and take decisions.

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