Handling a huge franchise would be impossible without top-quality Franchise management software. This cloud-based software enables the user to manage huge business networks. It is just like retail software with a complete set of retail tools and it also supports multiple franchise holders and sites, to ensure a seamless analysis of huge data. Franchisors can choose what information they send and receive from the franchisees.

Optimizing supply chains and inventory levels with appropriate franchise management software

Franchise management software offers franchisors inventory visibility at a corporate level. You can buy orders based on minimal and maximum inventory level and contact directly with the supplier chain. The system of stock replenishment on its own can be utilized all over the franchise chain offering every franchise seasonal trends and historical data. In short, this implies that the franchise chain is well-versed about what is going where and the franchisees have a complete concept of their supply.

The things that this software can do

The following are the main features you require to not only enhance efficiencies but also generate revenue for your business.

Enhancement of Sales

The return of customers to any branch depends on the quality of customer service and the relationship developed with the franchisee. The more sale generated by an outlet, the more revenue will be generated for all the parties involved. Sales promotion and customer loyalty tools offered by the franchise CRM drives more clients to the outlets. The final customer interaction in the store is the responsibility of the franchisee but top quality software can assist in augmenting sales.

Workflow Automation

With workflow automation, you can transform the repetitive or low-value chores into seamless operations. It enhances effectiveness, help your sales team to invest more time and energy of high-value tasks, attempts to analyze the intentions of your franchise candidates and ensures enhancement in lead generation.


Franchise CRM works as a middleman and as a platform where franchisees and franchisors meet and interact. You may avoid hassle free interactions in the outlets by real-time supervision. Most of the franchisee management applications are cloud-based. This implies that they can be accessed from tablets and smartphones.  

Enhanced Marketing

A proper Franchise CRM can be utilized to enable franchisees to carry out their own individual marketing. This provides every business owner more flexibility and freedom. The strategy of a marketing campaign can be shared through the software with the top level management and the franchise owners. Therefore, the campaign can be customized, supervised, enhanced and adopted in real time.


In spite of the fact that we are mainly concerned about franchise management, we should also put our endeavors in realizing the course of action that follows once you associate with a franchise. You should check that your CRM gets seamlessly incorporated with the various stages of the franchise lifecycle.  Moreover, make sure that the information can be conveniently conveyed from the various franchise sales procedures to the areas associated with compliance management.

Analytics and Reporting

Though this specific facet is also quite vital. Your franchise management software should also have the benefit of analytics and reporting. The attribute mentioned above will have zero impact unless you gather detailed and knowledgeable insights from your sales funnel, communication media, sources, workflows, and campaigns.

Other Advantages

Through the franchise management software, the head office can supervise vital data such as expenses, profit and loss, cash flow and revenue per franchisee, and the best thing is that all of this is done without the requirement of regular reporting. The software offers a perfect enterprise management interface. You will be able to run your outlet just the way you want and collate your method with other outlets and check how they are working.

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