Expanding a business into a multi-territory franchise has never been easier, only with the advent of Franchise Operation Softwares. If you are a franchise owner, exemplifying the significance of FMS would be to fritter away our time. But what we really need to discuss is what Franchise Management Software are you using? Or Does your FMS has all the necessary features that a 2019 Franchise deserves?

Yes, maybe you have been using an FMS for quite some time but we all know how time flies and with time the technologies have evolved tremendously. So, today, cutting down on your troubles, we are presenting you with the top features that your FMS should have. Why? read closely to find out.


The latest and the greatest feature of FMS software in today’s time – Networking. Yes, engineers have always tried to make the inter-organization communication and networking as facile for the owners as possible and finally, it’s possible. There were times when to view information about a store you would have to visit separate pages with numerous data, no more. Now, only within a few clicks, you can view every detail of your store from anywhere on a single page. Isn’t that amazing?


From creating customized graphics to sending out reports to the employees and generating leads, the new age FMS systems do it instantly and effectively. In other words, a lot of processes have now become completely automated. But how does it help your business? It might not affect directly but these small scale changes help employees devote their time into more important aspects of the franchise.

Error Detection

A big part of progress is discovering issues in the organization and making the right kind of amendments. This looks more like a manual process but FMS systems do help owners detect issues in their system and provide possible resolve. The system generally detects these faults and notifies owners through various means.

Inventory Management

Although a franchise at its core is a single organization when expanded in multiple territories there are certain variables that need to be clarified. One of them being inventory management, the larger your franchise more difficult it is to manage supply and inventory. So, with these latest FMS software, all you have to do is be notified. Yes, the software creates a centralized inventory management system that keeps track of every single material in all of your Franchise Operation Software and notifies you and the supplier when in depletion.


When the software was introduced in the late 2000s, the scripts and design were robust and concise. But as the years have passed they have become customizable. Now, you can create your own dashboard and view data just the way you like. The process has proven to save a lot of time and efforts.

IOT (Internet Of Things)

This is an addition to our list. Something that is being worked on and is in constant developments in the FMS systems. Internet of Things promises to connect anything and everything online. From simply supply to inventory, employee management, products and more, everything connected online. This is a promising concept and franchises can diverge into a new path of progress through this method.

As we near the end of the article, we hope you have learned about the latest features your Franchise Operation Software needs to have in 2019. So go back and look for these features if they are not present then you need to start looking for a new FMS software. One that complies with your franchise demands and is up to date with the latest innovations and developments.

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