The franchisors need to implement and optimize the franchise operations software for customizing the business functionalities from managing the prospective leads to defining ways for transforming them into ultimate customers interested to buy a product from the franchise chains.

Prime Attributes of Franchise Management Software

Workflow Automation

Workflows or functions of a franchise management process are crucial in determining the lead administering solutions. Thus unique functionalities are customized, designed and implemented to resolve various situations of the franchise operations. This automation helps to boost the conversion of leads through various stages of the sales funnel. Moreover, low-value jobs can be automated, thereby maximizing the productivity of sales personnel. Additionally, triggers can be set at different points throughout the workflows to standardize the activities, with strategic reporting to optimize the overall performance and ROI.

Source Tracking

Brandwide’s franchise operations software should assure that the source of the potential lead must be promptly tagged once it comes into the CRM through the sales pipeline. Besides, the source monitoring attribute helps to gain information regards to total funds spent to use a source. Thus, it assists to decide the cost against a single lead and revenue created against each source.


The franchisor should ensure that the CRM is smoothly blended with the workflows, processes, and sales funnel of the franchise operations. The franchise software solution integrates functions like in-built digital signature involving the potential leads along the various stages of the franchise process to acquire and transform them into sales-ready customers.

Reporting and Analytics

The franchise operations software by Brandwide must integrate vital functionalities of reporting with in-depth analytics. Thus, the processes of the franchisee chains should generate a transparent image entailing advertising campaigns, email workflows, and the strategies triggering the potential leads in the sales funnel.

The franchise management software thus innovatively engages and binds the franchise business with the help of CRM, optimizing the outputs and improving on sales return.

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