What if we told you the way to increase franchise sales leads was simply possible by building a relationship? Would you believe that? Yes with the help of franchise sales lead generation you can increase your franchise sales leads

You might as well think, we’re just oversimplifying a complicated process of sales and lead generation. That’s a part of the truth. But when you really go deep into it, you’ll find that sales have been always about establishing a relationship with your leads.

As technology evolves and becomes more integral for an effective sales process, the franchise now can reach wider traffic than ever before. There is no one single way to grow your franchise sales lead generation. You need to leverage multiple networks to generate leads that are qualified.

So, here are some proven ways to strengthen your franchise sales lead generation

Strategies to grow you franchise sales leads

  1. Define a qualified lead generation approach

It could be challenging for you to sell if you don’t really know who to sell. Having a franchise buyer persona is the most important aspect to any franchise sales and marketing strategy. Once you decide on the channels for generating your leads you need to think about the things from the customer’s point of view.

  • What are your customers expecting from you?
  • Can you picture yourself in meeting your personal objectives as a franchisee?
  • Which channels are your competitors utilizing?
  • Did the strategy that you used earlier work on your customers?

If you have all the questions answered, then you go ahead and choose the channels best suited for your franchise sales lead generation. By defining exactly what type of franchise is successful for your business, you can create a target on how and where to reach the qualified leads. Also, it will help you to ensure that you’re spending your money in the right place to reach qualified leads.

  1. Share your needs through franchise recruitment site
Brandwide - franchise sales lead generation

Brandwide – franchise sales lead generation

Nearly 70% of B2B purchasing happens online. Hence, a well-curated franchise recruitment site is imperative to any business, which is looking to attract new sales leads. It’s often one of the foremost places where a prospect starts searching for an opportunity. Hence, the franchisee must have a strong website image from the very beginning. Have a look at key takeaways your franchise recruitment site must have:

  • Eye-catchy design of your website
  • User-friendly optimization in all compatible device
  • Fast page up-loading speed
  • Easily managed SEO website
  • A website with video tutorials about the franchise opportunity
  • Updated and informative content
  • A strong and visible CTA or call to action

Any franchise recruitment website must serve two vital purposes: a) increasing the engagement of the traffic and conversion of as many as visitors into leads b) people with whom your sales team can start communicating. Be sure you’ve all these must-have features on your website so that you can embrace the opportunity without any risk of failure.

3. Collaborate with your marketing team

Brandwide - franchise sales lead generation

Brandwide – franchise sales lead generation

Even if you’ve built a great website, your leads aren’t just going to end up in your funnel. A franchise recruitment website doesn’t magically come up with qualified franchise sales leads in your hands. The sales and the marketing team must work in collaboration with each other to qualify and engage the sales lead.

Here are some marketing strategies you can consider for franchise sales lead generation:

  • Creating email campaigns to engage your leads
  • Having even a small budget of paid advertising can run a long way.
  • Social media must be a part of your franchise to showcase your current products and services.


4. Implement technology to grow more

Brandwide - franchise sales lead generation

Brandwide – franchise sales lead generation

The more the business grows, the more difficult it will become for you to keep track of your leads with multiple spreadsheets. Thankfully, there are several franchise sales lead generation tools to your help that your marketing and sales team can use to grow your brand in a well-managed way. An effective franchise sales lead generation strategy must have a CRM system to automate the workflows, email campaigns, status tracking facilities, source tracking and tools to measure reporting metrics.

Lead generation is not a single time process hence it is important to have a lead generation calendar too. However, you mustn’t overdo the system and should not stuff your calendar with marketing options. That may end up being overwhelming for both your leads and your business.

5. Try cold outreach

Brandwide - franchise sales lead generation

Brandwide – franchise sales lead generation

In a world where everything’s perfect, you would certainly have an unlimited budget to promote your business and explore new customers. But this isn’t the world you’re imagining. So, where do you exactly start looking to generate more sales leads? Perhaps it is a smart skill that every franchise owner needs to have.

You have a potential pool of franchise sales leads ahead, not a potential list of the franchisee. But if you have a limited audience, then cold outreach is an amazing option to generate your leads. Keep your leads updated with informative emails, calls, and text messages, also keep them updated with engaging content through social media channels for cold reach.

High-quality content in social media could help you to have better online visibility at a low cost. So, if you have exciting content or a story to share with your audience, then content marketing is a perfect way to strengthen your franchise sales lead generation.

Summing up

In a nutshell, there’s always a bit of creativity to consistently generate high-quality leads, but there’s also smart strategy and technology. If you’re just beginning, remember, you don’t need to try out every franchise marketing method to generate your sales lead in the first month.

Start slow, and eventually build a quality database of your leads-in line with your franchise sales lead generation goals. If you think it’s too much for you to manage, feel free to reach us at www.meetbrandwide.com to develop a consistent, and top-quality lead generation tactic, designed for your franchisee. To learn more about how smartly and efficiently you can implement this strategy, reach us today!

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