Before you jump into any particular franchise software for your business, you need to start by getting intimate with your needs. You’ve to take a step back before you try to establish your business goal.

Indeed, franchising is an incredible sector for all small businesses, it definitely is a gateway for new business owners to learn how to begin their own business. Not all franchisee is born to achieve success in reality. But the successful ones have one common trait, all of them utilize franchise business software that helps to scale through the entire franchise operation.

When it’s done right, it becomes hard to find another business system that could match up with the speed, efficiency, and capacity of true leverage that you and your franchisee can have. So, when that investment opportunity comes ahead of you, here’re some features you’d like to consider before choosing the right franchise system to invest in.

Features to consider before buying a franchise business software

Finding the best franchise business software designed to feed the needs of your business is somewhat challenging. At the same time, it is something that is critical to the overall success of your business. A rightly built franchise software will help to streamline all your daily operations and manage all your necessities starting from distribution to accounting, making it run like a new high-powered vehicle. So, before proceeding with the purchasing decision, check whether your franchise software has these qualities.

Tools to manage Marketing campaigns

Brandwide - franchise business software

Brandwide – franchise business software

Now the first thing you need to question yourself is that does your franchise management platform promotes freedom for local marketing campaigns?

Of course, you do not want your franchise to go reckless, making up their own logos, designs, and marketing tactics. The best franchise business software accounts for this, by keeping every location under one roof with brand-approved assets.

Lowered redundancies and compatibility

Brandwide - franchise business software

Brandwide – franchise business software

One of the major hurdles that franchises usually encounter is compatibility errors while trying to virtualize their business. The days of compatibility issues may lead to instability in the system and potential loss of important data. At the same time, incompatible franchise software may lead to some high price redundancies.

So other than struggling hard with your compatibility issues, find BrandWide’s franchise management software, that would do it all, while eliminating the need to go out and try out different programs. Our software system seamlessly synchronizes with the common data points and is completely compatible with bookkeeping activities. Hence, it entirely eradicates the need for manual data entry tasks and compatibility issues.

Integrated contact management system

Brandwide - franchise business software

Brandwide – franchise business software

Having a franchise always means communicating with different kinds of people. On a certain day, you might get an opportunity to strategize with manager-level investors, deal directly with clients, assist fellow franchise units, check in with multiple vendors, and reach out to multiple leads.

By and large, organizing a franchise means managing relationships, which is why the contact management system becomes so significant. Keeping track of all your customer contact, spreadsheets, sales reports, monitoring all of these manually is simply a waste of time. And juggling around with multiple contact management tools is something you’d not really appreciate.

Getting the best franchise business software that has all these features is a far better option. The software must be able to automatically track and organize all information about your customers, partners, and necessary contacts. The centralized contact management system simplifies marketing outreach and customer retention. It also makes it easy for you to search for new leads throughout your sales funnel.

Now decide, exactly what are you looking for with such powerful tools.

Interactive support system and employee monitoring

Brandwide - franchise business software

Brandwide – franchise business software

Not just a franchise customer management system, but an employee monitoring and support system are also essential for keeping your clients satisfied throughout.

When you’re running a franchise, it becomes difficult for you to look through every employee, while managing the needs of your customers. It’s practically impossible to deal with so much. But with franchise business software, you’ll be able to find out the time taken by an employee to complete the task and track the progress they’ve made with the leads.

Improved monitoring of your employees and support system easily reduces the number of negative customer experiences, which may cost huge money to your business.

The rightly selected franchise management system, effortlessly simplifies the communication system with your staffs, thus making it easier for you to provide a support platform for your customers. in times of unforeseen events that come up, your employees will be instantly able to access training and support materials through video tutorials. The software also must have the ability to eliminate scheduling errors oversights, which may worsen customer relations.

Real-time tracking of business metrics

Brandwide - franchise business software

Brandwide – franchise business software

If you’re still waiting around to get the monthly sales, leads, and performance reports, you’re surely missing the most important growth opportunities.

The right franchise business software allows you to monitor cash flow, profit, losses, and expenditure in real-time from any device that has a stable internet connection. By using these metrics at your fingertips, you’ll be able to respond faster to challenges and grab on opportunities before the competition does.

Improving your visibility is another important feature that comes with the right franchise software. To make any data-driven decisions in your business, it is imperative to have complete visibility over the important business metrics to consider the prerequisites.

BrandWide’s franchise software allows you to monitor all your business’s key performance in real-time using a dynamic dashboard. So, whether you’re trying to build your sales or looking to penetrate through a new market, the fully scalable, real-time business tracking software will optimize your franchise stability and empower your business planning.

Final thoughts

By now you’ve already understood, that running a large franchisee just isn’t feasible without getting rightly built franchise business software that can seamlessly synchronize data from all branch’s outlets and territories. In doing so, you’ll be able to automate most of your data sorting operations that otherwise could slow down your strategic planning for the long run.

Definitely, now you wouldn’t take the risk of buying a franchise software without checking out all these above features. Don’t worry, we’ve you covered with our rightly build franchise management software.

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