New technology comes and goes fast these days, it seems as if there’s a new app every week promising to make franchise business more productive and efficient. You must be confused between which one you should go for. We’re here to help you with that. There is some technology which has proven to be really useful than others, that’s here in business to stay, it is a franchise software system.

Yes, a properly implemented franchise software system is an immensely worthy tool for managing your large franchise. Managing a multi-unit franchise would be impossible without a software backup. A cloud-based franchise software not just manages your business but tracks communication with your customers, lead, franchisees also helps to synchronize with multiple franchise sites.

Are you looking for something that is uniquely beneficial to your business growth? Or do you want to simply run the business?

Whatever may be your needs, a franchise software will always save your business by turning it efficient and effective with its cloud-based accounting tools.

If you don’t believe it yet, let us show you some features of franchise software that you can enjoy:

  • Franchise development and marketing
  • Communicative help desk
  • Automatic billing and invoice
  • Seamless franchise accounting
  • Optimized inventory and supply chain operation
  • Route optimization

If you’re presently examining software for your franchise management, you’re probably already confused by all the features available in the market. Now, how do you sort through the best features and benefits to compare what is useful for your business?

We’re here to help with the benefits that franchise software offers so that you can start building your business, with these top benefits in mind:

Top benefits of franchise software system

Low upfront cost

Unlike traditional software, the cloud-based franchise software system is typically paid every month other than the outright purchase and maintained on-premise. This makes it less price for the software provider as you only pay for the part you need and it less you pass the savings by offering low upfront cost in comparison to a traditional software system.

Low maintenance cost and Downtime

A cloud-based franchise software solution can be managed and upgraded in just a few clicks, even if you’re working remote. Thus, it eliminates the need for frequent repair of hardware and replacements. In addition to this, you get all the IT assistance, you need from the software provider, which in return lessens your labor cost and effort time of IT works.

At the same time, effective maintenance of your franchise units transforms into reduced downtime of franchise software, which as well reduces the losses in productivity.

Efficient Setup

Get rid of heaving towers, misplaced monitors and scattered keyboards from one place to another. Setting up new offices and workplaces has become as easy as logging in to your secure cloud solution from any device and any location with the help of internet access.

Simplifies Franchise operations

Leveraging Franchise software system, it becomes easy for franchise owners to adjust the amount of cloud service and module access as your company’s storage needs to fluctuate. If you face a problem, BrandWide’s team is always available to handle your issues remotely. Also, the software’s ability to access the system from any location makes it easy for you to scale and expand the business. Franchise software is present everywhere, even if your office hardware isn’t working.

Increases security of the software

Using franchise software, you can simply enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing that your data is 100% safe and backed up by a remote server free from any disaster. That means, your digital database is absolutely secured from any natural calamities and other technical damage. In the event of any kind of disaster, you can easily transfer your data to a local library, home computer or using your smart device, log in and resume your work. Yes, it’s that simple and secured.

Field service management       

Need some assistance to organised your employees and your daily schedules? A right franchise software system can easily schedule all your services and track field service of your employees, also provide schedules and customers information. Furthermore, the software helps you to strategically plan campaigns needed for franchise inspection and manage work orders seamlessly, so that there aren’t any queries about what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed.

Simplifies the challenges of Brand Consistency

We understand keeping your franchisees on the same line can be really tough, so we’ve brought you franchise software solution to make things much easier for you with a cloud-based franchise software solution. In just a few clicks, you can link brand marketing campaigns, training resources, limited-time promotion and all other franchise operations. You can also upload all your relevant materials to your cloud server so that other employees or franchise units can access whenever they need to check something.

Customised reporting features

Reporting is an essential part of any franchise software as franchise owners are required to access the progress of units to be able to keep track of the performance records and make informed decisions about future sales. But does all management platform provide the same options for reporting? Probably not! That’s why it’s imperative to use a franchise software that offers the best reporting features so that you’re able to get the right information for your franchise business.

A franchise can always benefit from using reporting features that allow them to improve their work efficiency and sales. At the same time, a good franchise software system enables franchise owners with the option to provide franchise units with reporting tools while protecting sensitive details from being shared between corporate and other franchise locations.

Your path ahead!

Now it’s time to find out if your present software is providing the above-mentioned benefits or not. Are you meeting your sales goals? What are you doing for improving your business operations? If you’re not doing anything yet, it’s time you get a business intelligence software that integrates with your franchise software solution and gives you real-time efficiency and insights into your business.

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