The franchise software system help to administer a considerably large franchise business in an effortless and efficient approach. It is a cloud-based automated franchise solution rendering optimized assistance to multiple franchise holders for an effective analysis of substantial analytical data. The franchisors have the power to choose the relevant information they need to receive from and send to the franchisee retail chains.

What are the Advantages of Franchise Software System?

Adjusting Stock Levels and Supply Network

The franchisor gets a perceptibility of the business level stock updates acquired from the franchise software solutions. The franchise owner can give purchase order requisitions depending on the minimum and maximum level of stock, while directly contacting the retail vendors. So, the automated inventory replacement method can be implemented across all the franchise vendors offering the franchisees exhaustive documented information with periodic updates. This franchise software system aids the franchisor with crystal clear image showing what products the franchise chain possesses, and identifying the shortages among the outlets.

Enhancing Business

Now, the individual franchisee performance and customer service matter much for acquiring the returning customers to a specific branch. The franchise software systems by Brandwide attract more potential customers to a particular outlet, by rendering optimum loyalty to them with a user-friendly relation. The franchise software enhances sales productivity, while the franchisee staffs offer interactive customer service, to boost the revenue of those franchise chains.


In recent times, cloud-based technology is decked up with the franchise software systems, which means it, can be connected from a smartphone or tablet. Thus, the system will help to sort out all disputes between the franchisors and franchisees in actual-time, even from a remote location. Besides, the software also aids to correlate the sales figures of the vendor outlets to accurately project the business performance. Various problematic areas can be identified, with quicker amendments, regards to the sales figures and management objectives, relating to some discrepancies.

Augmented Advertising Methodologies

The synchronized franchise software systems from Brandwide enable the franchisees to administer their specific advertising requirements, thus rendering more adjustability and liberty to manage their business. This software caters to chalk out the blueprint of the marketing campaigns and shares it with the head office and the franchisors. Thus, the advertising enterprise can be obtained, enhanced, tracked, and customized according to the specific requirements of the business or clients’ needs in actual-time.

Additional Benefits

Moreover, the automated franchise software systems can assist the headquarters to track vital information such as sales returns, available liquid cash, profits, expenses, and deficits for the individual franchise outlets without the need for daily analysis. The automatic application renders the franchisor an opportunity to identify and correlate the technique applied among all the franchise chains and justify the performance of the same. Among other attributes, the franchise owner is provided information by the software regarding the records of the workforce, website and ad builder, along with exhaustive details about the content management.

Thus, a large franchise will not be able to exist without a suitable franchise system. It acts like salvation to the entire business operations for the franchise and its retail chains.

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