Franchise development software architecture is critical to the success of the efforts you put in for your franchise recruitment drive. When it comes to choosing a powerful franchise management system or assessing your already existing one make sure it owns the following useful features.

5 Significant Features Of A Franchise Management System

Automated workflows

Systematized workflows are regarded as an integral part of your lead management system. Effective design and implementation of workflows empower you to customize your franchise management system in conformity with your specific needs. It precisely helps in ascertaining the activities that happen at every step. All these activities are aimed at augmenting lead conversion. With automated workflows in place, you can mechanize routine, low-value tasks. In this way, you can maximize your efficiency and qualify your sales team to use up more time focusing on higher-value endeavors. These include:

    • Realizing a candidate’s motivating factors
    • Going ahead with the awarding process

With built-in automated workflow, you can map a process and set triggers. You can likewise automatically transmit and keep details of correspondence, and arrange follow-up tasks. By itemizing automated workflows you can even out activities and reporting all across the brand to measure performance on a regular basis.


Marketing and franchise management systems interconnect with campaigns. A portion of your automated workflow should bear the ability to create effective email campaigns. The purpose is to move leads productively through your sales cycle.

  • See to it your system has the capability to:
    • Develop delivery schedules based on triggers
    • Make use of personalized links
    • Fabricate automatic email replies
    • Keep a note of a candidate’s communication history
    • Send text campaigns
    • Not leave the CRM amidst performing the above mentioned activities

Even though campaigns are in want of some capital spending for preliminary setup, eventually, they help you save money and time. They also warrant more resource outlay on candidates who are likely to collaborate with your brand.

Status tracking

In your franchise management system, the presence of a robust lead generation tool is pivotal. It should preferably be central to your CRM software platform. As a franchisor, make certain the lead generation system is developed especially for franchising with franchise-centric status information on leads. Besides, the tool must be able to track all the activities which the status information signifies.

Here are a few instances of status information that franchisors are in need of.

    • At what time is the candidate a “new lead” and hasn’t been put into engagement by the sales team yet?
    • At what time is the candidate stepping into the qualification process?
    • At what time has the candidate signed an agreement?
    • Under what circumstances is the candidate qualified but hasn’t been responsive?

Several other statuses that offer enough support to your sales process. In an ideal scenario when a lead’s status changes, the triggering of automated workflow tasks should happen. Such triggers include:

    • Transmitting candidate details appropriate to the definite stage of the sales cycle
    • Establishing key responsibilities which need to be accomplished at that stage
    • Tracking the exact time consumed in sending each status

In this manner, you can periodically review your sales funnel especially for candidates who are falling behind and amend relevant strategies.

Source tracking

The necessity of keeping a track of where from your leads arrive is important. It has a direct impact on where you pay out your quota of marketing dollars. It’s vital that you have the ability to keep an eye on by what means did your leads discover your brand in the first place. Thus knowing the exact source, be it a paid media campaign, social media, referral or an event becomes imperative. All leads in your CRM developed for your franchise management system must have an appropriate source tag upon their entries. This is regardless of whether such entries take place automatically or by means of manual intervention. Once the source of your leads is successfully tracked you should grasp the ability to compare the number of leads brought per source. In addition, your capability in measuring the following garners enough significance.

    • The extent by which each of your sales cycles progressed
    • The amount of capital invested per source
    • The total cost per lead
    • The amount of ROI generated per lead source

CRM built explicitly for franchising has the inherent, extra ability to add leads in direct correspondence from franchise portals and brokers all by itself.


Last of all, your franchise management system and its integrated software require you to offer a robust, systematic, and accurate reporting framework. The different features in the aforesaid sections are of no use if you’re not able to comprehend their impact. They need to have considerable insight into the following is of utmost importance.

  • Workflows
  • Campaigns
  • Sources
  • Communications
  • Sales funnel
  • Do you appeal to an adequate number of the right candidates?
  • How does your sales team perform in the conversion of those qualified opportunities?
  • Do the conversions lead to good opportunities and gainful sales deal closures?
  • If not, what’s the reason and what can be done?
  • Where are you doing well?
  • Which are the areas you need to improve on?
  • Do your financial goals meet?

All these pertinent questions need to have the appropriate answers.

What’s more, the solutions ought to have easy access, comprehension, and regular reviews to examine course correction needs.

Ideally speaking, you should have a compelling business intelligence tool clubbed with your franchise management system software solution. It should be able to furnish you with real-time, sharable reporting which, in turn, provides you with acumen centering on the crucial aspects of your business.

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