In case you want to gain an understanding of the ways and channels for generating leads via LinkedIn, you’ve reached the right spot. Here you’ll get to know how LinkedIn lead generation is highly effective in promoting your business and the means to do it.

  • When it comes to B2B businesses, in particular, LinkedIn lead generation shows an ever-burgeoning trend.
  • Because this distinctive concept helps you garner direct access to high-quality target customers besides delivering astounding results.
  • As a matter of fact, a recent study corroborates this piece of information.
  • It demonstrates that LinkedIn has ranked as the most efficacious platform on social media to successfully effectuate B2B businesses.
  • So by now, we know why an increasing number of businesses are capitalizing on LinkedIn for lead generation.
  • There are basically two approaches to facilitate this practice which include:
    • Outreach campaign
    • Paid traffic campaign
  • Both these campaigns can be rolled over a number of times and inconsistency with the end results they spawn.

LinkedIn lead generation by means of outreach campaigns

  • To put it simply, an outreach campaign is, in essence, organic in nature by which you meticulously establish a connection with your targeted prospects.
  • Next, it helps develop and foster long-standing relationships with them through LinkedIn messaging.
  • Taking this particular route of LinkedIn lead generation will be most suitable for you given that:
    • You’re selling your products/services to several other businesses or business professionals
    • You’re selling a big-ticket product/service constituting a major expense
    • You’re selling a product or service which warrants a constant and consistent relationship building and upkeep

What type of outcomes can you expect from an outreach campaign?

  • If done professionally and in the correct fashion, it’s possible to set up a robust outreach system.
  • It has the potential to bring no less than 10 to 30 top-quality appointments every single month.
  • When you translate this into revenue, it can add up hundreds of thousands of greenbacks to your bottom line.
  • This can keep on at the same pace each year provided you offer excellent products/services and efficient sales processes.
  • To obtain a comprehensive understanding of how high-growth businesses are faring while generating leads through LinkedIn, you can access the latest study by LinkedSelling here.

LinkedIn lead generation by means of paid traffic campaigns

  • When you put paid ads on display, they take responsibility for all the work.
  • even they’re accountable to maintain the momentum you have developed during the course of organic campaigns.
  • By doing so paid ads empower your business to scale up.
  • Following this route of LinkedIn lead generation will be perfect for you if:
    • You’re selling your products/services to several other businesses or business professionals
    • You’re seeking a greater volume of the finest quality leads every month
    • You’re having a constant inflow of monthly revenue for reinvestment in your business
    • You’re equipped with a tried and tested sales funnel that helps drive leads to either a sales appointment or purchasing opportunity
  • You can take a look at LinkedIn Ads Rocket Launch Playbook which gives you more insight into these ads pillars.

What kind of expectations, in terms of results, can you have from paid traffic campaigns?

  • You can be a tad unsure about predicting the exact results in this scenario.
  • Because this type of campaign relies heavily on how in good form your offer keeps resonating with your target audience base.
  • It also depends on the number of capital resources you put in your ads.
  • So, the main thing which here you should be watchful of is your ROI.
  • To acquire more knowledge concerning ways to produce sales leads via LinkedIn and to figure out which of the two approaches would work wonders for your business, you can download LinkedIn Selling Client Acquisition Report 2019.

The Takeaway

  • Most importantly, you can reap substantial benefits by making use of LinkedIn lead generation.
  • this is especially true in the case of the quality of leads you invite and fructify.
  • This is true regardless of whether you get going with an organic outreach campaign or a paid traffic campaign.
  • Furthermore, it’s simply not the volume of leads that you want to generate.
  • It’s also your onus to make sure that the right leads to convert into your best long-term clients and help flourish your business.
  • Similar to any other successful marketing campaign, you can fabricate a compelling LinkedIn lead generation mechanism.
  • By doing so, you can take maximal advantage of the colossal audience which the social platform has built over the years.
  • Make certain it gives the much-needed impetus to your efforts, rather than coming up with never-to-be-repeated posts or messages that die out in no time.
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