For the majority of businesses, customers and potential customers are considered the most important asset. As a business owner, you need to set up a smooth-tongued line of communication with your prospects using customer relationship management. This, when achieved in a well-versed, efficient manner not only helps in escalating new sales but also amplifying repeat business.

  • Therefore, it makes sense when companies, for the most part, settle on a robust CRM (customer relationship management) platform.
  • A CRM is indispensable to all businesses functioning in a digital space as it manages relationships with customers with utmost efficacy.
  • If you’re looking for a great CRM tool, odds are you may come across Soffront’s free CRM.

Is the free Soffront CRM really free?

  • If truth be told, yes, it’s free but on a one-month trial basis.
  • And who for that matter would avoid a compelling free CRM like the one offered by Soffront?
  • First, you should know how to get and what to access from the free Soffront CRM.
  • On the off chance, you aren’t fully acquainted with CRM basics, get going with this article.
  • With Soffront’s completely free version, you may stockpile lots of contact information in your database.
  • Also, the free CRM variant provides you with the right to access company’s data by a specific number of users belonging to your team.
  • What’s more, the software comes up with seamless access to a few of the vital tools meant for managing your database.
  • The various tools which you can access in the free version take in the following.
    • Hitch free integration with Gmail or Microsoft Outlook with standard email templates
    • The facilities to store, forecast, and keep a track of sales deals
    • The capability to save the company information which is linked with a maximum of 500 contacts
    • The consolidation with limited sales productivity tools such as meeting scheduling or email scheduling
    • The ability to incorporate forms to seize leads all through your website
    • The competence to embed efficient communication tools such as phone dialer, SMS messaging, live chat option or essential Chatbots on your website
    • Robust account and contact management
    • The expertise to add in the basics of project management, customer service, reporting, and analytics.
    • Compatibility with intuitive android and iPhone apps
    • Seamless integration with MS Office, G Suite, QuickBooks, DocuSign, and Eventbrite
  • Each of these features puts forward an excellent means to go ahead by making use of the inbound methodology.
  • But then again, these tools, even though efficient, have limited capacity.

Is there anything you’ll be missing out with the free version?

  • It needs to be clarified that even though you get the right to use plenty of great, sound features through the free CRM version, every such a feature is limited with constraints.
  • This is likely going to lead to a few unexpected obstacles when you make an effort in running an overall sales and marketing operation, which every so often calls for automation.
  • So even if the tools which arrive with the free variant are cool, the question is how much really can you do without having access to any automation?
  • On the off chance, you have the requirement to gain access to extra features; you need to ferret around with the paid version of Soffront’s CRM.
  • The Sales Professional and Enterprise package comes at $35 and $70 per month respectively.

So, is the free CRM right for you?

  • Bear in mind the fact that a CRM is, in essence, only the database.
  • Even though the Soffront CRM is free on a 30-day trial basis, you should be cognizant there are other supplementary tools which are quite expensive.
  • You might even wish to wind up paying for them.
  • The free CRM version, depending on the organizational goals and constitution, may not make much sense for you to achieve long-term objectives.
  • It may so happen that you may:
  • Want to automate slow and laborious processes
  • Generate simple yet up-to-date ways to take care of your leads
  • In these two scenarios, you should contemplate upgrading to a paid version of the Soffront CRM.
  • However, if you just wish to get your feet wet and taste what Soffront has in store for you, the free CRM is a great platform to make the first move.

Undoubtedly, the solution is a decent proposition especially for those who are in two minds about making a financial commitment. But, you’ll definitely need to take full advantage of the tool and, in turn, generate a better ROI for your company. In keeping with this, it may perhaps be more conducive to scale up.

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