Imagine running a large franchise business without the help of a franchise software. Sounds impossible to us! If you are a franchise owner, you probably know that monitoring all the franchise outlets across countries is not possible without a franchise CRM software. The bigger brand you are aiming to build, the greater is your responsibility to manage relationships with your franchisees.

But will you be able to manage all these alone? Probably, no!

A franchise CRM software will manage all your contacts and smoothly integrate it with your daily operation. Sounds easy! Looking for your next potential target audience? The software provides intuitive analytics and assessments of real time data using smart dashboards which comes to the rescue.

Still confused? Here is a quick glance at some of the benefits this software provides:

  • Nowadays we market our brand on various platforms. Keeping a track of all the leads being generated from individual sources can be really time-consuming for your sales team. With the help of a franchise CRM software, all the leads can be imported to a single place which saves a lot of time.
  • Franchise software’s have great adaptability and they can flawlessly integrate with your existing software’s for better handling and ease of use.
  • E-mail marketing becomes a lot easier with the tools provided by a CRM software.

Now let us go through some of the key features of a franchise CRM software in greater detail:

  1. Support in day-to-day operations: Suppose your franchise business has just started out and now you are focusing on first of all, building a brand. The franchise CRM software will then primarily act as a development and building tool. But as your franchise business gradually grows, the software will focus more on franchise owner management. There are so many tasks involved on a daily basis in franchise business management. Is it really time-efficient to do all these tasks without a software? No. A standard franchise software will provide support in all these activities starting from royalty calculation, tracking sales to resource planning.
  1. Cloud Based Integration: Franchise businesses always operates at various levels. A cloud-based CRM will integrate all these levels and simplify your responsibilities. Without a franchise CRM software, where will you collect all the important data related to your franchises? This software will provide a centralized location so that all the data can be easily collected a single place. Hence, coordination among the various franchisees and access to data becomes a lot simpler. This facilitates easy data-driven decision making which is a core requirement for successful franchise businesses.
  1. Automated workflows: Workflows are an important component to improve your lead management solution. Smartly designing and streamlining workflow will allow you to customize the system to your business needs and determine the activities that take place at every step of your franchise business, also help in increasing lead conversion. Automation of redundant or non-useful tasks will help to boost efficiency and allow your sales team on board to spend more time on high value, such as understanding the behaving persona of the candidate and making the onboarding process forward. Finally, by mapping the process, you can automatically send and record correspondence and set up the follow-up tasks. Detailed workflow and automation will enable you to standardize activities and reporting across your business while helping to measure performance daily. 
  1. Intuitive Analytics and Assessments: How do you identify what is trending in your industry? As a franchise owner, it is essential that you keep a track on both daily operations as well as the business problems that are occurring in the different franchise outlets. So how do you do this? Franchise CRM software with its intelligent dashboards can give you a complete perspective of your business model and strategy. It has all the necessary information that you need to devise smart strategies for your business growth. Just choose a software that is suited to your business needs and you are set to go.
  1. Field service management: Is it becoming difficult for you to organize your employees and schedule? With franchise CRM software you can devise strategies for campaign inspection, work flow and all other services and field operations. With Franchise CRM software, you can plan schedules, provide customer and product information and a lot more.
  1. Reporting: As a franchise owner, you’re going need a system to keep a track on your lead management progress. What good is a strategy without you being able to analyze the results? Tracking where your lead comes from directly impacts where you should invest your marketing dollars! Hence, it becomes imperative for every franchise owner to be able to keep a track of how your leads are exploring your brand, whether it is from social media, a paid media campaign or event.

Every prospect in your CRM must have its source tagged once they’re on boarded, whether it’s done automatically or manually. All of these sounds hectic isn’t it! Worry not! With the help of the reporting feature, you can get the insights regarding the performance of all your franchise outlets. Be it sales, revenue or customer data everything will be available at your fingertips. Your franchise development software lets you have an efficient reporting into not just the progress of leads, but also your workflows, campaigns, communication and sales pipeline. If you’re not attracting enough qualified leads, then probably your sales team isn’t doing that well nor they’re closing many deals. But why not?

You can easily answer these questions using a franchise CRM software, which ideally equals to having a business management tool that gets integrated with your CRM giving you a real-time, distribute reporting in your business.

Key Takeaway

Understanding the specific needs of a franchise software will skillfully help you to go for the best franchise solution in the market that’s specially designed to cater to your needs. So, if you think your business needs a franchise software, and it can benefit from all the given features, make a move to reach out to us at

Three Must Have Features of Franchise CRM Software

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