Have you ever thought, how much time do you literally waste by working on repetitive tasks, managing tasks manually, running here and there to look after your franchise crm software units?

How is it even possible for you to manage efficiently each of your operations separately?

It’s basically not possible for anyone to keep up with all of these, without a franchise software. In fact, by keeping a constant track of such metrics, you will be able to forecast all the possible loopholes that are occurring in your franchise business and respond faster to threats. You can also take instant actions on opportunities and continuously brainstorm strategies that help you take an edge over your competition.

Too overwhelming right? Indeed, it is!

But before you go for selecting a franchise CRM software, ensure it has these must-have features.

Workflow automation franchise crm software

If you’re in business for a long time, you must know, that workflow is an important component for improving your lead management needs. Properly designing and adopting workflow will help you to customize the system according to your needs and determine the actions at every step of lead conversion.

Are you struggling to increase your lead conversion rate? Then this is why you need a franchise CRM software to automate your repetitive tasks, thereby creating high efficiency in your workplace. At the same, it will enable your sales team on board to invest some more time on higher-value tasks, such as understand your customer behavior and keeping track of your follow up task. 

The fast development of smart tools

A CRM software that’s specially designed for franchise growth differs from a general CRM software which is used in other operations. But do you know who your prospective franchisees are at the initial stage of your development process?

It’s simply your customers! Thus, at this stage, you need to design tools to make a contact, share information, and ultimately get the franchise agreement signed. Once the franchise has joined the business, it is important for your franchise CRM software to run smoothly to a system that focuses on development and operations. Significantly, using a single unified solution will help to reduce redundancies and streamline all your efforts for optimum effectiveness. 

Intuitive business analytics

Big data is an essential tool in the franchise system. Every franchisor requires a CRM solution that allows them to have a comprehensive view of the entire business.

Using a franchise software should make things easy to recognize changing trends that are happening across the business, as well as track location-oriented issues that fall out of the daily operations.

Every franchise owner has a wide range of business activities to look at besides tracking of franchise units. A well-built franchise CRM makes it possible to pull personalized reports instantly and help to understand the analytics given therein.

Operational support

Franchise CRM software employs a technology that makes it possible for franchise owners to create a robust operational support service regularly. Thus, every franchisee requires a system that delivers robust support for their daily activities. This may include royalty measuring capability, scheduling tools, planning of resources, and tracking of sales. 

As a part of franchise software, it must have access to a smart solution that is driven by big data. 

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