Managing a large franchise business and maintaining a proper relationship across franchises are not literally possible without any help in this uncertain time of advancing technology using Franchise CRM Software.

As a franchise owner, you’re likely to know that sales are driven higher by the relationship with your franchise.

But again, here comes the challenging part!

One has to keep an eye on all your outlet chains across the world, find software compatibility while virtualizing the business. Addressing all of these sensitive areas can be daunting, without relying on a franchise CRM software that makes things effortless and easy.

So, whether you are a franchisee trying to scan through the sales report or a franchisor searching for the next potential market to penetrate, franchise software comes to the great rescue. Display of key performance indicators on dashboards will optimize your franchise’s flexibility, planning power, and promote data-driven decision making.

The major types of CRMs are:

  • Franchise sales CRM: Helps your business to monitor and manage customer relationships to promote sales.

  • Operational CRM: Helps your organization to manage franchisee’s launch, track franchisee information, and contract renewal dates and most importantly enables your operations team to collaborate with your franchisees to optimize and improve performance.

  • CRM for service-based franchises: Service providers such as restaurants utilize this type of CRM software to handle their own sales or operations and client base.

Not really sure yet? Let’s quickly scan through the benefits Franchise CRM software can provide you:

  • Easily import leads from various sources into your CRM.

  • Ability to integrate with e-mail marketing tools

  • Capacity to combine information from multiple data sources

  • Adapts to your business and ensures ease of use and efficient execution.

Let’s go through some of the key features of this software:

  1. Operational Support on daily activities

franchise CRM software

Once your franchise starts to function, your franchise CRM software will change from a development tool to a software that can be utilized for franchise management.

As a franchise owner, you will need to completely develop a platform that delivers comprehensive support for regular activities. This includes features such as measuring royalty, scheduling features, planning of resources, tracking of sales, and much more.

The right franchise solution provides standard systems and processes so that all your franchise locations are consistent in their operations. If you want to strategize smart moves for your franchise business, your franchisees must have broad access to a range of intelligent solution that facilitates data-driven decisions, which is only possible with the help of a franchise software.

 2. Cloud-based integration

franchise CRM software

If you are a franchise owner, your franchise business model probably has a three-layer funnel.

First, the franchise management, your entire brand, and your business at the topmost position are the three layers. In this, the franchise management function is at the middle and the customers of the business at the bottom. A franchise software that has a cloud-based integration feature can integrate these levels and ease the franchisor’s responsibilities.

Is it really convenient for the growth prospects of the business, if the franchisor and franchisee cannot coordinate crucial information and devise strategies? No, we guess.

With a franchise system in place, the franchisees can easily gather important data on sales. Thus, they can together figure out decisions key to the success of the business. Using the cloud, people who are involved in key decision-making of the franchise business can pull vital information through the various levels of management, in both upward and downward direction to look for the details they need.

 3. Intuitive metrics and Assessments

franchise CRM software

As a franchisor, you might have to keep track of a broad range of business activities. A well-organized franchise CRM software makes it possible to gain custom reports and analytical data, that ultimately makes it easier for the franchise owner and every franchise unit. 

Using the software, they will be armed with all the vital information, needed to grow the business and provide case solutions for the purpose.

As a franchisor, what is the most beneficial asset to your business? Data?

Every franchise owner requires a CRM system that offers them with a complete view of the entire business model. This makes it easier for them to recognize the trends that are happening across various franchise units as well as help to identify location-oriented issues that are outside to the daily operations. So, it is imperative for you to understand the basic needs of your franchise operation and choose a specific solution that is tailored to cater to your business requirements relevant to your sectors so that your employees get the benefit at all levels.

 4. A comprehensive enterprise management interface

franchise CRM software

Can you imagine Dunkin’ Donuts CEO to calculate gross profit on every single operation and type cold emails and waste some valuable time? Common sense says No.

Running large franchises is not feasible without management software that seamlessly integrates data from all franchise locations and outlets. Comprehensive enterprise management means synthesizing all relevant sales, marketing, and development data into an overall nutshell so that you can make data-driven business decisions considering the larger picture. Automate all your mundane tasks and utilize your team’s productivity in achieving bigger goals.

 5. Reduce repetitive works and compatibility errors

franchise CRM software

Honestly, what was the biggest obstacle you faced as a franchise owner trying to virtualize your business?

We are sure, it is software compatibility. Suppose you have a separate tool for book-keeping and separate marketing software which are not inter-compatible.

Is your team then not forced to do manual data entry?

So why not have a single franchise CRM software that can perform all the functions related to your business activities. Such software seamlessly integrates common data points with no compatibility issues at all and eliminates useless repetitive work such as data entry.

Some of the most popular brands that provide franchise CRM tools in the market had grown roughly from 150,000 customers, averaging 25 users per customer, in 2013 to almost 3,750,0000 users in 2015.

It’s your turn now

Now you see, running a large franchise simply isn’t feasible without a franchise software that seamlessly integrates all functions, outlets, and data at your finger.

If you’re still in doubt, come and test it yourself. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to boost your franchise details.

Visit our website for more details.

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